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3:11 pm - Saturday November 24, 5421

Satluj-Yamuna Link Water Dispute

The Supreme Court of India has declared the Punjab Government’s Punjab Termination of Agreement Act of 2004 as unconstitutional which had unilaterally scrapped the 1981 agreement on Ravi and Beas waters through the Satluj-Yamuna Link (SYL) canal.

The President of India made a reference of the supreme court seeking its opinion whether the Punjab Act was constitutional and the Supreme Court has opined that it was not so. The Court also ruled that the Central Government should take over the SYL project and complete it and both the states of Punjab and Haryana would share the water as agreed earlier.

The Akali- BJP Government of Punjab headed by the Akali Chief Minister Mr Prakash Singh Badal has said that his Government would not obey the decision of the Supreme Court. Under the Constitution the Supreme Court judgment are binding and cannot be defied.

The Constitution also says that if a state government cannot be carried out under the provisions of the Constitution the Central Government will dismiss it and take over the State Government under the Central Government as ‘President’s rule. Soon the Punjab is going for General Elections to the Vidhan Sabha and this sort of declaration seems to be a political stunt and statement with an eye on election.

Then too this statement of defiance is a very serious matter. Whatever may be the reasons but it make the Punjab Government itself unconstitutional and liable for dismissal. On this count the Central Government of Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi itself facing decisive problem of constitutional sanctity. Either the Punjab Government should relent and regret or it be dismissed.

Politically it will mean, since it is coalition government of Akali and to BJP, the dismissal of BJP government also. The Congress is also in poll fray and hoping to win the election this time under the leadership of Mr Amrinder Singh.

On this SYL issue to lure the electoral he has resigned from Lok Sabha and all Congress legislators from the Punjab Vidhan Sabha. Dispite political gimmicks the Supreme Court decision is finding on all and cannot be defined by anyone in anyway. The Modi Government has no other way but to act and implement the Supreme Court decision and directives. Mr Modi has tough time and issue before him on SYL issue.

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