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3:11 pm - Friday November 23, 5083

Safety and Security

To provide safety and security and perfect law and order is the prime and essential duty of Government towards its people. Otherwise the situation is chaotic leading towards instability.

The another job of the Government to make the nation a welfare state for peace and prosperity. In India there are resounding noises about development. But crime situation is spreading very fast over and above the development. For example in railways emphasis is on expanding amenities for passengers but the trains have become crime on wheels.

No passenger is safe. Either their luggage are stolen and they are robbed on knife and fire arms. Women are the easy targets. Some time back a Lady was thrown down by robbers near Bina and recently a women also met the same fate near Itarsi and her leg has to be amputated.

Between Agra and Delhi the Madhya Pradesh Finance Minister Mr.Jayant Mallaya and his wife was robbed in the moving train. Robbery, loot, theft and assault are going on regular basis in almost all the trains.

In civil life a pickpocket murdered a passenger in a city bus in Bhopal. Knife attacks are common feature. In cities it is a criminal “guarantee” that if anyone move out for some time to go somewhere in city itself or out of station theft will be committed in their houses. In broad day light on busy roads purses, ornaments are snatched with total impunity from any action.

The criminals are ruling high over police and Government. Now nobody is alarmed over the day to day occurrence of robbery at banks and armed attack on bank vans carrying cash. The ATM are also not safe. Either it is broken or ATM itself in uprooted from foundation and taken away.

In Bangalore a lady was attacked and robbed inside a ATM. There are cloning of money cards. Despite all safety measures Aadhar data of 13.5 crore people were leaked. By bank fraud the cash are hecked from ATM of other customers and bank are helpless to offer help people robbed by cyber crimes.

The Government should stop all development works and engage itself in the essential service of a Government to provide complete safety and security to the individual and society as a whole. The dire necessity of the people is safety and security against the crimes.

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