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7:21 pm - Thursday April 19, 2018

Rich-poor void could be filled by integral humanism: MP CM

Agencies, Washington, DC Lamenting that the chasm between the rich and the poor has widened owing to a rise in materialistic tendencies, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Tuesday underlined the need for reducing this schism in order to bring about uniformity in the global society.

“Taking inspiration from the principle of Integral Humanism of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya, challenges like global warming, poverty, unemployment, drugs, harassment of women and inequality arising from materialism can be tackled,” said Mr Chouhan, while addressing the inaugural session of the Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Forum organised by the Foundation for India and India Diaspora Studies US with the support of Indian Embassy at the Russell Senate here, an official release said.

More than 200 dignitaries including American Senate members Raja Krishnamoorthi and Pete Olson were present during the programme. “Only material prosperity is not sufficient for man and humanity.

The Garib Kalyan (welfare of the poor) agenda would be promptly followed in Pt Deendayal’s birth centenary year,” he said. Observing that Madhya Pradesh is probably the first example in the country where agriculture growth rate has been approximately 20 per cent on an average for the fifth consecutive year, he said high development rate could not bring happiness in society if poor sections do not reap the benefits.

Mr Chouhan said that 2-3 per cent people have overpowered more than 70 per cent natural resources whereas the poor have no access to resources. Several strategies, policies and programmes have been initiated in Madhya Pradesh to empower the poor with resources.

“All the efforts and initiatives are influenced by Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya’s principle of Integral Humanism. Policies initiated in Madhya Pradesh have ensured that the capable citizens should pay their taxes and the weaker and hapless persons get their rights,” .

Mr Chouhan said that now girls are no longer considered a burden. Discussing the effect of ‘Ladli Lakshmi Yojana’, he said that it has completely changed people’s mentality. “Madhya Pradesh has moved way ahead in political empowerment. Women are being given 50 per cent reservation in local bodies,” he said.

The Chief Minister said that India is far ahead than other countries in promoting women to acquire higher posts and represent high posts. Women occupy significant posts in the Foreign Ministry, the Defence Ministry, the Water Resources Ministry etc.

“Women also have 50 per cent reservation in teachers posts in government jobs. Except the Forest Department, women have been given 33 per cent reservation in all government departments. This includes the Police Department. The outcome of this arrangement is that women are surging ahead due to their talent and capacity in every field,” he said.

The Chief Minister said that humanity wrapped in the fire of materialism can attain eternal peace only through the Integral Humanism. All the colours of nature have the same reflection.

He said that only this philosophy has solution to problems like global warming and climatic changes. Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya clearly stated that nature should be tapped and not exploited. Nature has something for everybody with which one can survive and sustain.

Destroying nature for greed is the worst crime. Discussing the world’s biggest river conservation campaign Narmada Seva Yatra, Mr Chouhan said that more than seven crore saplings were planted on both sides of the river on the same day, so that the river continues to flow eternally.

He said that the worship of nature is the biggest religion. Meanwhile, the first Hindu member of United States Congress Tulsi Gabbard also met Mr Chouhan here and held discussion on various subjects. Mr Chouhan informed Ms Tulsi about the fast paced development in Madhya Pradesh.

Discussing the prominent achievements of development in the last one decade in Madhya Pradesh, he told Ms Tulsi that remarkable progress has been made in the agriculture sector. Now, organic farming is the main focus in Madhya Pradesh.

A large number of farmers in few districts of eastern Madhya Pradesh are adopting organic farming. Lauding the efforts towards women empowerment during the discussion, Ms Tulsi said that there is need for countries like the United States to take cue from the efforts made by Madhya Pradesh.

The Chief Minister discussed the far-reaching effects and importance of the world’s biggest river conservation campaign ‘Narmada Seva Yatra’. He said that there is need for all countries to become alert towards dangers like global warming and take initiative to campaign for conservation of rivers. Ms Tulsi appreciated this effort.



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