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8:44 am - Wednesday March 29, 2017

Republic Day

hpy republic dayAfter attaining Freedom on 15th August 1947 we moved forward to become sovereign Democratic Republic of India by promulgating our own constitution on 26th January of 1950. It was a fulfilment of a sacred pledge that Indian National Congress took on the bank of River Ravi in its Lahore session in 1929 under the Presidentship of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

It conferred on us fundamental rights to set our destiny in the comity of nations in the world. The constitution also entrusted upon us the duty and responsibilities to follow the dictates of the constitution for the progress of the nation and welfare of fellow countrymen. No one has right to violate the fundamental rights of other in observance of his own such rights. Fundamental rights granted to individual as well as on society as a whole in a collective ways also. By offering sit-in on road blocking the movements of all other people, disrupting roads traffic of vehicles, rail movements hamper the right to freedom of movement of others.

People have right to carry on livelihood activities by way of service and business. By organizing the ‘Bandh’ agitation we are tempering the right of others. The judicial courts are interpreting the tenets of constitution on relevant judgments. The Bombay High Court imposed Rs.20 lakh fie each of BJP and Shiv Sena for organizing the ‘Mumbai Bandh’ but still agitations and going on all over the country. At Trivandrum in Kerala a shop keeper resisting the political hooligans to force him to close his shop on ‘Bandh day’ shot dead such agitators to protect his business and property. The Trial Court acquitted him of murder charge but the Kerala High Court convicted him for committing murder. The Supreme Court maintained Trial Court judgment and set aside High Court order.

Even now forced closures of shops and establishments and bandh agitations are going on. The people have right to demonstrate peacefully, the young girls and boys of Delhi demonstrated in a very exemplenary how way peacefully and they are still getting all praise for their rightful protest for awakening the Government and the entire nation against growing heinous crimes of sexual abuse of women folks. But the Central Government and the Delhi Police acted in most unconstitutional way to suppress ruthlessly such a novel cause legitimate demonstrations by imposing Section 144, lathi charge, teargas shelling and water cannons in severe cold conditions. The police itself planted stone pelting and termed the death of a constable by heart ailment as murder by the agitators. Now the Government is appointing Commission and Committees and amending or enactment of law to deal with the crimes against women to offer them security and dignity.

All laws are futile and exercise futility if there are no proper implementation by the authorities and observance by the people. Our Republic and democracy is moving towards the obnoxious mobocracy which may prove fatal for our Independence and Democratic Republic. On this day we all must take self pledge that while observing and protecting our own fundamental rights we will not violate the such rights of others. The ‘Chakka Jam’ ‘Bandh’ and ‘Road-Rail Traffic disruption’ should to given up once for all as these are uncivilized acts in the civic life.

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