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7:09 pm - Saturday March 25, 2017

Reactivated Anna

After spell of inactivity after the fiasco of his ‘Dharna’ agitation in Mumbai Anna Hazare reactivated his civil society into a changed name of core committee. But unfortunately with the announcement itself Mr Santosh Hedge and ex-army chief Mr VP Singh kept themselves aloof- Although Anna has declined to join.

Join the political party floted by Arvind Kejrewal but the committed himself to campaign for Kejrewal  and some others ‘good’ candidates in the next Lok Sabha polls against Congress. Anna has announced a new plan to organise all the on going agitations in the country on all India platforms. But most of the agitations are organised and carried out by the political parties itself. Most of the non political agitations are on local and regional issue for a short time. Together to gather all such agitation on a national platform is a green idea.
The Gurgar agitation of Rajasthan is against the Meena Committee. Khan movement of Haryana is a symbol of decadent ideas the agitation is Kashmiry agitation is for secession form India and soon. All these are gimmicks in view of coming Lok Sabha elections on 2014 after that all such people will disappear into hiberation.
In recent assembly elections in Himachal and Gujarat reformance to personal life and families were really bad in teste. We must respect the sense of privacy and personal life of each other. The Gujarat Chief Ministers Mr Narendra Modi referred to wife of Congress Minister Shashi Taroor as costly girl friend and vice versa Congress manalleged that Mr Modi has desearted his wife. All such matters have nothing do with people and politics.
The are many greatman and women who could not feel togather as husband and wife. Pandit Bhimsan Joshi was a great vocal singer and recipient  of Bharat Ratna. In his personal life he left his wife great classical dancer Udai Shankar and his dancer wife Achla Shankar, base Bangla film actor Uttam Kumar, bollywood actor late Rajesh Khanna and above all great Russian author Tolstoy.
Recently the BJP member of Parliament Mr Ram Jethmalani without any current topic or reference passed a ramark against Lork Rama for his desertion of Sita. It is strange fact of Hindu society that while all Hindus reversed lord Rama is God but not a single Hindu justify the desertion Sita by Ram, Mr Jethmalani raised a controversy for nonthing. Mr LK Advani used the name of Lord Ram and Ayodhya temple to push up his party upto a point of leading a coalition government under the combination of NDA. Thereafdter no body bothered about Ram Mandir.
It is still dragging on in the court as its since early years of last 20th century. Mr Jethmalani is not going a organised movement for Sita. In public life political parties should ensure that their leaders should indulge into fatalities and absurdity.

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