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3:21 pm - Sunday March 18, 0970

Rahul’s speeches should be shown in comedy nights- Modi

modiAgencies, Jhansi
Attacking Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi today said that speeches of the Congress leader should be shown in the comedy nights on TV, as it has no substances and only made for entertainment.

“ Mother says one lie, the son replies with two,” he  stated.

“I feel the TV serial of Kapil Sharma will shut down in a few days and instead, people would be interested in watching Rahul Gandhi’s videos, full of errors.

“The entire tiredness of the elections will go away immediately after watching the speeches as people would have full entertainment,” Mr Modi said at a rally in support of party candidate Uma Bharti at Jhansi of Bundelkhand region  today.

“This morning, I saw my friend Rahul Gandhi’s statement, and I laughed so much that my stomach hurt. What are they saying? Will such people run the Congress, leave the nation aside?” he said.

“Rahul Gandhi was in Gujarat yesterday and these days, mother-son have developed a lot of love for Gujarat. They praise Gujarat day and night. Mother speaks somewhere, son speaks somewhere else. Mother speaks one lie and son speaks two lies,” Mr Modi said.

“Rahul said tell me Modi-ji, there is no Lokayukta in Gujarat and the day Lokayukta comes, this chowkidar (MOdi) will go to jail’,” he said, referring to the Congress vice-president’s speech in Bhavnagar yesterday.  “Rahul bhaiya, slow down. Why are you spreading such lies? I will tell you. Rahul bhaiya, those who are writing your speeches, they are bent on destroying you, it seems.

“And your mother’s adviser, with whom you do not get along, may be he is providing you with such false speeches,”Mr Modi said, amid cheering from the crowd.

“You should know. There is a Lokayukta in Gujarat. Not only this, the same Lokayukta has given a probe report which was tabled in the last Assembly session. “In that report, a minister at the Centre, whose father was once the Chief Minister of Gujarat and who stole from the forests, ate up forest wood, the current Lokayukta has held Amarsinh Chaudhary guilty. “Amarsinhji has passed away and that is why we did not want to do politics and that is why we were silent. We never mentioned it. We respect departed souls. And you lie like this?” he said. Referring to another of his speech, Mr Modi said “Gujarat’s population is six crore, but Rahul baba said there are 27,000 crore jobs lying vacant in Gujarat! You have exceeded world’s population!”

“The other thing he said, I can’t repeat. Okay, I will tell half of it. It’s on YouTube. I have said that there has been a White Revolution in Gujarat and the state now provides milk to other states.

“On this, Rahul said something on which I laughed as well as felt ashamed. Can there be leaders like this?” Modi said.

“He said a third thing. This is also on YouTube. He is the Congress’ PM candidate and look at his intelligence. He said in Gujarat, two in one children are malnourished. Did you understand?” Mr Modi said.  “I don’t know what kind of fate I have that I have to face such people. If there was someone wise, we could have had a conversation,” he said.

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