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4:56 pm - Wednesday January 24, 2018

Priyanka hits out at Modi indirectly in Rae Bareli

priyanka gandhiAgencies, Rae Bareli
A day after criticising BJP over the attack on her husband Robert Vadra, Congress star campaigner Priyanka  Gandhi Vadra today indirectly hit out at BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi by asking the people if it is better to give power to one person or people should have the power.

“If entire power is concentrated in the hands of one person, is it a good thing? Or, should people have power?” Priyanka asked people, without taking any names, here today during her campaign in the constituency of Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

“People should have the power. Nowadays, if you watch TV, you see arrogant speeches, abuses and personal attacks. This is not the correct politics. They do such things to mislead people.

There should be discussions about the matters related to people’s issues. The debates must be on what are the grievances of the people and how can one tackle it” said Priyanka .

“You ask people who come to you during elections what they would do for you in the future. We must not encourage any unwanted lectures, but must ask them about solid plans for your welfare. I see posters of our opposition on women empowerment.

They talk big about mother, sister, daughter and wife. I am also a wife, sister and mother. But my real identity is that I am a woman.


So you must ask them what their concrete plans for women empowerment is.  You have experienced here how women benefited through RGMVP and Self Help Group. So you must ask the opposition too what they would do for you. We need such discussions here, not meaningless talks,” she  said.
Reminding the people about power of votes, Congress star campaigner said, “Right to vote is your biggest strength. Never ever waste it.
The entire power is with you. If a leader is standing in front of you and gives speeches, it is because of you. You create leaders.
Therefore it is the people to decide which party is good for you and who can serve you better. The leaders who talk loud on corruption must tell you about their specific plans to fight that  menace”.
She said,”You must decide what type of politics you need and what kind of country you expect. You must decide whether you need a politics that spreads hatred and disharmony among the people, that makes one caste fights with another, that focus just on a particular caste or religion.” “ We need a government that ensures unity in the country and works for inclusive growth” asserted Priyanka.    “Give your vote not to Sonia Gandhi, but for the nation. A vote for Sonia ji is a vote to maintain unity, brotherhood and culture of India. I have come here with this message of Sonia Ji as she is busy in campaigning across the country” concluded Priyanka. Priyanka has started campaigning for her mother from yesterday and she is expected to continue till Apr 26. Polling in Rae Bareli constituency is slated on April 30.

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