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3:11 pm - Saturday November 22, 8803

Price Rise in Sugar

Due to less production of sugar this year the prices have started mounting. The Central Government is taking measures to augment supply by imports. Presently there is 40 import duty on sugar and Government is considering to lower or abolish it, if need be. This year India also imported wheat mainly from Australia.

In the last two years due to deficient rain the wheat production was less. This year the bulk purchasers like flour mill and other food related industries imported wheat which is Rs.400 per quintal less in cost than the domestic produce. Every year increase in Government support prices the prices are more than the international prices.

India will have to ponder on the issue and put a ceiling on and halt at the support prices. Like wheat the same situation is appearing in sugar also and we are to import it. In Maharashtra this year the sugarcane production is much less.

About 15 sugar mill after a crushing season of 40 days closed down as the sugarcane was not available. Many other sugar mills are also closing down one after another. The sugar in Maharashtra qualitywise selling between 35 to 68 rupees per kilo with less production the prices are souring up.

In Uttar Pradesh Government has enhanced the prices of sugarcane and this has resulted in increase of cost of production of sugar by 10 per cent. The sugar trade has cautioned that Government should intervene in the situation otherwise the prices will go galloping high. The Karnataka is also major sugar producing area in also facing Maharashtra like situation.

The sugarcane crop is below the average production. The production in Karnataka will be short by 50 per cent. It is felt the Madhya Pradesh should come forward in sugarcane cultivation and setup more sugar mills. Sugarcane is cash crop and the sugar is essential food item. The Madhya Pradesh has full potential to emerge as major sugar producing area.

During the second term of UPA Government there was shortage of sugar but the Food Minister Mr.Sharad Pawar bungled in it with delayed import and by importing the raw sugar to be refined by sugar mills in India. By the time it reached the Indian posts the crushing season in India had started and none of the sugar mills lifted it. Most of the imported sugar spoiled at the seaport godowns. This year the Government is alert and it is hoped that it will take remedical measures in time.

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