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2:02 am - Friday March 31, 2017

President’s Message

In his first Republic Day message to the Nation the President Mr.Pranab Mukherjee said that the Delhi rape case was an outrage that shattered us with deep remorse, anguish, agony and shame. He saluted the young girls and boys for raising on the occasion to awaken the nation out of complacency and inaction.

Such sexual victimization of women is going all round the country and treated as one of the grave crimes. But Delhi youths shook the society. The President expressed empathy with the young protestors. The President lamented that in her death more than a valuable life we lost a dream. The youth felt outraced and we cannot blame them. The President also called on the Government for firm and quick action against the naxals outraging the nation off and on. He also warned the Pakistan hinting at the beheading outrage on the ceasefire line in Jammu Kashmir that India’s friendship should not be taken for granted.

Serious repercussions could follow to meet the situation. The President also cautioned the Manmohan Singh Government not to get itself trapped in awkward situation on the name of economic reforms and problem of fiscal deficit. For the last so many years the Central Government is increasing the prices of essential commodities and rates of public services like railways and spreading the net of service taxes on almost all the services including the serving of food in hotels. The President warned the Government against such ‘Economic Reforms’. Not only the Government is worried over its fiscal deficit but entire public is also facing fiscal deficit in their home budget. The Government wants price and tax increase to meet it and the public want reduced prices and taxes to improve their budgets.

There should be balance between the two situation. The President has kindled hopes on the mind of general public that now then on the Central Government will not act recklessly on the name of ‘Economic Reforms’ and people will not be victim of economic suppression. The President said that the corruption has surpassed and suppressed the moral fabric of the society. We have to reset and recast our moral values to restore it in our life. The elected representatives should ponder over whether they really representing the aspirations of the people. Youth energy has to be channalized in the nation building and they be given ample opportunities and right atmosphere.


Founder : Late Shri Ramgopal Maheshwari

Posted in: Editorial

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