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12:05 pm - Tuesday November 21, 2017

Power and Corruption

It is estimated that every year there is power theft of Rs.64,000 crores of rupees in India. The guess is that out it power of Rs.4000 crores is stolen in the slum areas and lower middle class houses. But bulk of it of Rs.60,000 crores power is consumed by bulk consumers, the big industries and people living in big mansions, bungalows with high power requirements.

Their power consumption is heavy but then make their bills light with regular payments of bribe to be officers and staff of power companies. Kanpur is big industrial city and of bulk consumers. A Uttar Pradesh cadre lady IAS officer Ritu Maheshwari was posted as Managing Director, Kanpur Power Supply Company, the institution was running in huge losses.

She with dash initiative got smart meters installed that operate recording digitally power consumption of every second. This resulted in reduction in power theft from 30 to 15 per cent. More than five lakh such smart meters were to be installed but she could get 2 lakh meters installed.

Her officers and staff were hand in glove with power thieves and were getting regularly under hand bribes. They slowed down the work and on raids by her they informed the parties about it and they removed the illegal connections.

The bulk consumers are influential economically and politically. They got Rita Maheshwari transferred in the eleven months from there as Collector and District Magistrate of Gaziabad district. With such a powerful lobby the corruption can never be eradicated. The slogan “zero tolerance against corruption” well remain deceptive in itself. Long back in Madhya Pradesh when a Chief Minister was sermonizing the officers to work honestly and courage a IAS officer Mr.MN Buch said with courage that in that condition the officers were transferred.

In recent transfer of Bhopal Municipal Commissioner Chabbi Bharadwaj it appeared to be so in her handling the transport scam with honesty and courage. In the Uttar Pradesh some time ago a lady IAS officer Durga Shakti was suspended for removing an encroachment. After a public hue and cry in support of her she was reinstated with honour. To remove the corruption in the government and in entire public life we have to remove first of all the corrupt politicians and corrupt officials.

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