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3:16 pm - Tuesday January 21, 9349

Pakistan in Turmoil

The wide spread violent clashes of religious frenzy have engulfed all the major cities of Pakistan the capital city of Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Sind, Hyderabad, Sargodha etc.

The Islamabad was virtually under seize by the thousand of religious protesters Jamming the roads from all sides and outside entry and exit from inside were impossible.

On a petition the Supreme Court strongly directed the Government of Pakistan and Police administration to remove roads jams and restore order in the capital by dispersant the protestors.

Compelled by the court order the police cracked down on the demonstrators. But as they were in thousands they fought pitched battle with police, many killed, hundreds injured including police men.

All the offices in Islamabad are closed and school and collages in most of the cities are also closed. In its efforts to clear off Islamabad from sit-in dharna- the violent riots erupted in other towns.

The situation continue to be very grim. Although the Government has called out the Army to help police in its effort to restore order but the Army has not moved into action, It appears to be causing deep anxiety that Army is not responding to government order.

It is maintaining silence and distance from the aggravated violent situation. There are apprehensions that on the plea of collapse of administrative control to control the situation the Army may overthrow the civilian government and capture power in a silent and open coup.

The religious frenzy empted erupted over a amendment in the law alleging blasphemy against the Law Minister Zahid Hameed. After initial refusal when the situation aggravated and spread out ultimately he tendered resignation.

The Chief of Pakistan Army Staff General Qumar Javed Bajpa cutting down his tour of United Arab Emirate rushed back to Pakistan and engaged high level consultations with Prime Minister and top brass of Army.

The government negotiating with the leaders of agitations that the ammandmends in the election act have been withdrawn and the Law Minister Mr Hamid has also resigned. These violent agitation has shown upper hand of religious and terrorist organisations civic life of Pakistan.

At the same time the Pakistan Government is racing very rough and tough political altitude from the America on the release of Lashkare Taiba terrorist Hafiz Saeed. The America has warned there will be reperussions for bilateral relations and for Pakistan’s global reputation if the Hafiz Saeed is not immediately rearrested and prosecuted.

The U.S. said it blies Pakistans claims that it will not provide sanctuary for terrorist for terrorism on its soil. The recent riots of religious frenzy and association or terrorists outfit with its has created a very embarrassing situation for Pakistan.

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