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3:57 am - Tuesday March 28, 2017

Pak Affront

The Pakistan troops not only violated the ceasefire line but also the military norms and practices along with the Geneva Convention in military matters.

The India and Pakistan have agreed on ceasefire line in 2003 and both are supposed to honour it voluntarily.
But at long drawn practice of Pakistan to give military cover to infiltrators to cross into India on the days of heavy icefall. On ceasefire line only routine military watch are maintained and heavy deployment is away in interior area.

The Baluchi Regiment soldiers penerated the border and attacked 2 soldier team of Indian contingent. They beheaded a soldier and mutilated their bodies. It is a gross violation of military ethics and Geneva conventions. The Indian Foreign Ministry summoned the Pak High Commissioner Mr.Salman Reshid and lodged India’s protests although Pak denied the charge that was not its action.

The Indian Foreign Minister Mr.Salman Khurshied  and the Defence Minister Mr.AK Antony termed the Pak affront as totally unacceptable and assured that appropriate actions are being taken at the diplomatic and military levels.

The reaction of the heneious crime by the Pak is far and wide in India. Recently because of Indo-Pak cricket match in India has improved the friendly atmosphere and official and political level talks are also being worked out. The incident may jeopardize all such efforts.

Earlier also when the NDA Government Prime Minister Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his Pak counterpart Mian Nawaz Sharif were carrying out efforts to improve the relations between the two countries the Pakistan military launched Kargil attack to blast off peace efforts.
The military of Pakistan is always working at cross-purpose against the civilian government on Indo-Pak relations.

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