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11:06 pm - Saturday January 31, 2015

None of Modi’s decisions are unjust for Muslims: Gadkari

gadkariAgencies, Pune
Former BJP chief Nitin Gadkari said Gujarat Chief Minister and party prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has not taken ‘a single decision’ that has been unjust for Muslims.

Speaking at an interaction organised by the Pune union of working journalist here last night, Mr Gadkari said his party does not require a certificate from anybody to prove its secular credentials and was ‘committed’ to eradicating communalism and casteism from the country.
‘BJP is against casteism and communalism and we are committed to rid the country of it. It is only an issue of perception versus reality. In Gujarat, Mr Modi has not taken  a single decision that has been unjust for Muslims. We  believe that problems of all the poor are same. A muslim has to pay the same prices for a (cooking) gas cylinder as a Hindu. Our party believes in taking all the communities along without discrimination,’ said Mr Gadhari. When asked why he or his party do not speak about the implementation of the recommendations of the Sachar committee report, he said he has been speaking about it but the media choses to ignore it.

‘I talk about it all the time. It’s you people who ignore it. I am the most popular leader among Muslims in Nagpur,’ he said. Commenting on the challenges he faces at his home constituency from Aam Admi Party candidate Anjali Damania, Mr Gadkari retorted that Damania was ‘too small to attract a comment’ from him. He further said, he does not think that AAP will pose any threat either to the Congress or the BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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