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1:25 pm - Wednesday January 24, 2018

Nahid Rejects Fatwa

Young Assamese Muslim School girl aged 16 Nahid Afrin rejected the Islamic Fatwa issued against her singer career by 46 Maulavis. The religious clergies termed it as against Islamic Sharia to adopt singing as career. Nahid retaliated that the Fatwa itself was against God gift to her in voice.

The entire community of singers, politicians stand solidly with Nahid in her challenge against perverted outdated religious dictums. The Chief Minister of Assam Mr.Sarbananda Sonowal had a telephonic conversation with Nahid and her parents and offered full state support to her mission of being the singer and full safety measure against religious atrocities. The Chief Minister condemned the Fatwa issued by the Maulavis as despicable and said such a move cannot be tolerated in a civilized society.

He said such a fatwa against practicing art and culture was unacceptable and tantamount to the infringement of one’s freedom of various rights. The Chief Minister directed the State Police to provide full security to her and family. The firebrand Congress leader of Andhra Mrs.Renuka Chaudhary asked the nation to stand by Nahid in her fight against religious fanatism.

Sometime back such outdated Islamic mullahs issued a fatwa against Tennis player Sania Mirza for wearing mini skirt in the ground while playing there. She also hit back at Maulavis and religious fanatics that it was for her to decide what to wear and the others are nobody to interfere in her life. In Pakistan a school girl Malala also faced such fundamentalism for pursuing education.

She was shot at seriously but she survived in her life and strong will. Now Sania Mirza, Nahid and Malala are icon of in courage and determination. A top ranking film actress of Bollywood Sonakshi Sinha has offered playback singing assignments in the Hindu films to Nahid. Now she is a rising star like Sania, and Malala. The nation has taken a note of despicable practice of ‘Triple Talaq’ in the Muslim society and there are moves to ban it also like ‘Sati’ and ‘Dowry’ practices in the Hindu society.

Among Muslim four marriages are permissible. But in the Hindu society there was no such ceiling one could marry any number of women. But then too the Parliament abolished the polygamy in a Hindu society and restricted it to one wife only – the monogamy. Among Muslims also the four wives system should also abolished along with uncivilized practice of fatwa.

There are many Muslims singers in the field of art and culture such as Parveen Sultana a noted Muslim singer of Assam. In films also there were Noorjahan, Shamshid Begum, Suraiyya. Runa Laile of Bangladesh and Reshma Benjaren of Pakistan are singing stars one fail to understand when there are so many Muslim women in as singer why the Maulavis of Assam singled out Nahid for this obnoxious fatwa.

Now it high time when the people and Government of India must put the foot down against such fatwas. The Chief Minister offering full support and protection to Nahid said a section of vicious force was trying to disturb bonhomie, amity and integrity of nation and we would uphold it at any cost. Nation stands by Nahid.

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