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2:58 pm - Friday April 20, 2018

Muslim Women

The Muslim women of India are now more or fully conscious and assertive about rights and dignity in the religion and society. The Supreme Court ruling on the Islamic practice of triple talaq declaring it as un-constitutional has kindled hope and confidence that law and the Government are with them in attaining dignified life and rejection of practices against the women in the Muslim society.

It was expected that after Supreme Court ruling the Muslims of India will forgo triple talaq and will not practice thereon. But after the judgment six such are reported in India but no action could be taken against them as there is no specific law to convict and punish such violators of matrimonial offences.

Now the Government has decided and drafted a law against triple talaq and referred in the Parliament also. It has a provision of three years imprisonment and liability to pay compensation to the wife and such talaq will be invalid. The Muslim women Mrs.Zakia Sonam has said the provisions in the Bill were not adequate.

The punishment for triple talaq to the man must be of 10 years imprisonment and heavy compensation to women. She also said law should be revised and redrafted to make it comprehensive cover all the evil practices like polygamy to marry upto four wives and most inhuman practice of ‘Halala’ for women if the divorced man and women want to remarry again.

Here the religious practice of ‘halala’ means that women has to marry someone else before returning and remarrying the divorced husband. Mrs.Sonam demanded that all the unjust and humiliating evil practices against the Muslim women should be declared illegal, punishable and discarded in the proposed legislation against triple talaq. It should not be kept confined upto the triple talaq only and should cover all aspects to give dignified and honourable life to live to the Muslim women.

In the Shahbano case Supreme Court judgment gave a right to get compensation to women in the situation of divorce. But the conservative Muslims opposed it as being against religious dictim although many modern Muslims supported the judgment to award compensation to divorced Muslim women. But the Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi under the pressure of conservative Muslims nullified the judgment by a new Act.

But the recent Supreme court judgment on triple talaq will again grant right to have compensation on divorce. As the Muslim women are demanding comprehensive law against all the evil practices against Muslim women. Government to amend and redraft the Bill as desired by them.

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