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7:45 am - Tuesday March 28, 2017

MPs will choose PM: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul_gandhiAgencies, New Delhi
Amid widespread clamour for naming  him the prime ministerial candidate of the Congress, party vice-president Rahul Gandhi today said the party would follow  the Indian Constitution which stipulates that elected MPs  choose the Prime Minister of the country after elections.

Addressing the AICC meeting here, which saw a widespread clamour among party leaders and delegates for naming the  Congress vice-president as the PM candidate, Mr Gandhi said, ‘’If you read the Constitution, it says that the Prime  Minister of the country will be chosen by the elected MPs  after the Lok Sabha elections. The Congress is a democratic  party and does things democratically.’’

Expressing confidence that the Congress would come back  to power in the coming Lok Sabha elections, he said,’’ We  will fight elections and win. But the PM will be chosen as  per the Constitution.

‘’I am a soldier and will do whatever you want me to do,’’ Mr Gandhi added. Setting the pitch for the coming general elections, Mr Gandhi hit out at the Opposition saying they are good in their marketing strategy but lack substances.

‘’They are the people whose marketing skills are very good. They could sell a comb to a bald person,’’ he said in an apparent reference to the BJP.
In a jibe at the Aam Aadmi Party, the Congress vice-president said, ‘’Now another set of people are in politics who promise to give a haircut to the bald.’’
Listing the achievements of the ten years of UPA rule, he said the party gave the country the Right to Information Act, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, Aadhaar besides transforming the Panchayati Raj system in these years.

Stressing the need to bring the common man into the political system, Mr Gandhi, however, warned that it could be done by subverting democracy, obstructing Parliament or lighting the fire of communal hatred, in an indirect reference to the BJP.

‘’Common people need to be into political system but they are not. We need to change that. Everybody today wants an individual choice and a fair deal. We need to wake up to that. The change around us is unstoppable. However, it cannot be done through subverting democracy or lighting fire of communal hatred,’’ he said. auding the achievements of the UPA government, the Congress vice-president said the Manmohan Singh government took the country to new heights.

‘’It is under his (Manmohan Singh) leadership that the  Congress has made the democratic upsurge possible,’’ he said.Mr Gandhi said, ‘’One can look at any action that has been taken by the Congress since Independence and would realize that each one of them has given power to the common man be it nationalisation of banks or passing the Food Security Act.

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