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2:01 pm - Thursday June 30, 2016

MP Higher Education Admission Controversy, Isai Mahasangh asks Governor to Exempt Minority Run Institutions

A delegation of Isai Mahasangh led by Fr. Anand Muttungal met Madhya Pradesh Governor and Chancellor of Universities, Shri. Rameshwar Takur and briefed him about the difficulties involved in the online admission procedure introduced by the Higher education department.

The order of the Government Higher education department clearly states that the minority run educational institutions too will have to follow the rules framed by the Higher Education department in the matters of online admission(12.8 of Admission Policy of State Government). According to the new Policy on admission all the students will have to apply online and opt for different options of colleges given by the Department.

The Government will select college for the student. It will affect the special provisions granted by the Constitution and Supreme Court Judgments on this matter.
The delegation briefed the Governor about the special provisions granted to Minority Run Educational Institutions under the Articles 30(1) and 15(5) of the Indian Constitution does not allow any interference of the State Government into the affairs of the unaided minority run educational institutions. It has been confirmed by the Supreme Court in the TMA Pai Foundation Vs State of Karnataka.
Responding to this Governor and Chancellor of Universities said that He will look into the matter and try to address the problems faced by the Minority run educational institutions in the State.
The delegation alleged that State Government is not consulting the representatives of the Minority Community in making such policies. It is very clear in the way Government is making policies that derail the prospects of the minority community as a whole.
The members of the delegation Roy John Thatta, Mathew Abraham, George Anthony and Richard James said, “We hope to settle the matter amicably with the state Government if it does not work we will have to approach the High Court for redressal of the problems faced.”

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