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3:11 pm - Sunday November 23, 5090

Modi’s US Visit

Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi is visiting America on June 25-26. It is his first visit after Mr.Donald Trump taking over as President. Initially in his pronouncements Mr.Trump said that he would curtail the jobs of foreigners and outsourcing in manufacturing goods.

There are large numbers of Indian serving in America on job cards. Many American companies of multinational nature are carrying on manufacturing on outsourcing methods. In India particularly US outsourcing are being carried out on Software in Bangalore.

The Trump attitude caused concern on many Indians employed in US on high pay and perks will return to India on large numbers and they would not get that much pay in India. Many software company are doing their outsourcing work would be rendered jobless. As a preparation for the visit of Mr.Modi the Press Secretary of the White House Mr.Sean Spicer has said that Mr.Modi’s vision for new India would also create jobs on the America also.

The two leaders would took to outline a common vision for US and India partnership that is worthy of their combined population of 1.6 billion people. It may be termed as Modi-Trump vision for India and America. Earlier after Mr.Trump declaration of “Hire America and Buy American” there were fatal assault on some Indian in US for doing jobs there.

Besides this recently Mr.Trump withdraw America from the Paris Climate Agreement complaining the Accord has not fixed the responsibility on India and China. Mr.Trump is also curbing H1b visa that would badly affect Indian professional seeking jobs in the US. During Mr.Modi’s visit all such thing will come into talks and as the indications are apparent the joint statements will clear many thing and both India and America will work on common vision.

The trade between India and US has gone up 6 times more since the year 2000 from 19 billion to 115 billion dollar the year 2016. The Indian economy is growing at over 7 per cent. Entire world including India and America are worried over the China’s claim in the Pacific Ocean claiming maritime boundary be measured from the sea shore of the artificial island.

Both India and US along with Japan and all the Pacific region nations rejected the China’s claim tempering with International Sea Trade Route. Both the nation are determined to keep the Pacific open for all. Mr.Modi also discuss China in detail. The Modi visit will clear and create many thing for closer cooperation between India and China.

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