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3:14 am - Thursday September 1, 2016

Modi hits back at Sonia, Rahul with ‘power is poison’

modi_dehradun_rallyAgencies, Guwahati
Tossing Congress leaders Sonia and Rahul Gandhi’s ‘power is poison’ statement back at them, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi today said the Congress which has been in power for the longest duration was the one sowing poison among the people from its venomous system.
He took head-on the Congress’ accusation against the BJP of ‘sowing poison’ among the people and charged the Congress of being the party filled with venom and spitting it on the people after filling its system with poison by remaining in power for six decades.

‘Sonia Gandhi (Congress president) says that the Opposition (BJP) is spreading hatred and sowing crops of poison among the people,’ Mr Modi said at the Durgah maidan at Sivsagar, addressing his third and final rally in Assam during a day-long tour.

‘If you (the people) recall, her son and party vice-president Rahul Gandhi, while refusing a likely greater role in the government during the Congress’ Jaipur convention, had quoted his mother of telling him that ‘power is poison,’ Mr Modi said.

‘If indeed power is poison, it is the Congress which has been in power for the longest duration and its system is filled with venom, which it is now spreading among the people and sowing crops of hatred and poison,’ the BJP leader said.

He accused the Congress of dividing the people of east from west, Hindus from Muslims, rural from urban, all for the sake of vote-bank politics.
Claiming that the ‘storm’ against the Congress has now become a ‘tsunami’, he said it will wash away all those who have looted the country.

‘In India, we can forgive mistakes but we cannot forgive betrayal. The Congress has betrayed the people and people are fed up with them,’ he said.
Mr Modi, who is on his third visit to the state in two months, said he had never before witnessed such large gatherings of several thousands, ranging from 20,000 to nearly one lakh, in the state for election rallies.

He questioned the audience if their life had changed for any better in the past 10 years when the Congress was in power both at the Centre and the state and to a thundering ‘no’ from the people, Mr Modi said, ‘It is only the leaders and their side-kicks of the Congress who have benefitted.’
He questioned the Congress for including the matter of bringing black money from foreign banks in its 2014 election manifesto after not doing anything in this regard in the past 10 years.    Mr Modi said the ruling Congress was trying its best to keep him away from New Delhi as he would promptly act against their misdeeds once instated in power.

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