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7:58 am - Tuesday March 28, 2017

MANREGA Expansion

It is beyond doubt that Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme has revolutionized the job structure in the rural India.

Earlier it on many non agricultural days they were jobless or working on a very low starvation wages.
But MANREGA has provided 70 per cent of job on days when there is no agricultural works are available. During crop season they work on farms and fields.
Now the private parties are compelled to pay them respectable and reasonable wages under the pressure from MANREGA Job Guarantee wages of Rs.120 per day.
But there is corruption galore in the scheme by way of false job cards, buying of job cards on one time payment or keeping it on mortgage.
It being a interior rural works, the supervisor  is also proper.
This and to overcome other malpractices the government has drafted the Central  Government’s Comptroller  and Auditor General (CAC) to audit the MANREGA Fund spending in all the states.
This working is going on right earnestly and its audit  reports are likely to be presented in November next.

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