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2:40 pm - Sunday March 26, 2017

Maha Kumbha

With the extra month of hindu calendar over on 14th January the Maha Kumbha congregation at Prayagraj (Allahabad) began on a big spen of 54 days, on the day the ‘Makar Sankrati’ entered on elephant at 12.55 pm. It will have 6 major bathing dotes the biggest will be on Feb 10 on ‘Mauni Amavasha’. It is expected that some three crores of people will gather there in bathing ghats of the ‘Sangam’ of Ganga-Jamuna and Saraswati rivers.

On this great occasion some unsavory happenings took place against the Sagar Sankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand of Dwarka Peeth left the Kumbha site in disgust. In a loose system of Hindu they are considered in top revered places. This should have not happened.
It shows lack of mature behaviour and respect among the religious leaders.

Kumbha being observed at four places Nasik -Godavari, Ujjain – Kshipra, Prayer conflation of Ganga, Jamuna, Saraswati and Haridwar – Ganga once in 12 year at a place. But it rotates on every 3 years among the 4 Kumbha destinations.
Kumbha is a ancient most history of early vedic era with the churning of sea sector came out and its pitcher (Kumbha) was keptat 4 these places.

Such a secred and occasion of massive gathering of devout hindus the religious leaders should use the occasion to organise and unity the hindu society. The hindu society needs reforms and realisation of social and religious values, what a long that hindu burn the effigies of Ravana on early dusshera day as a great religious ritual for abduction of Sita and in the same society the Delhi type ghastly rapes on women are committed.

It definately generated in general public out cry but no religion fource against them.
For common people the Kumbha is a festival to be enjoyed but religious leaders must use this occasion of social and religious upliftment of hindu society.
The Sankara established the institution of Sankaracharya at 4 centres Srinagar (South) Dwaraka (West) Badri-Kedan (North) and Jagannath Puri (East) to organisedthe hindu society. But after Adi Sankara no other Sankaracharya carried it further.
They just exists as priets and worshippers. In the medieval period of history they failed to organise and defend the religious temple against the Islamic vandalism.

Even during the freedom struggle against the British rule they played no role for the emancipation of nation. Honour of women at a stake now before the nation occasion like Kumbha should be used to awaken the society. It is totally fertile to observe Dushera whenwe have so many Ravana ravishing women all over.

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