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5:29 pm - Monday February 19, 2018

M.P. Foundation Day

61 years ago in 1956 the new formation of Madhya Pradesh with Mahakoshel, Chhatisgarh, Vindhya, Madhya Bharat and Bhopal came into being on the recommendation of State Recognisation Commission. Recently few years ago its Chhattisgarh region has been separated to form a new state. In these 61 years many political charges came in the state.

For a long time along with the country the Congress ruled the state with massive majority. In decade of 60 the socialist leder Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia ushered the phase of SVD coalition government and it affected the Madhya Pradesh also with the SVD government after toppling the Congress Ministry. But with the death of Dr Lohia the phase to SVD also died out. After emergency the Janata Party also came into power in the State but with the death of Jaya Prakash Narain the Janata Government also died.

In the best traditional to parliamentary democracy politically the state has developed 2-party system between the 2 major all India political parties the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party. It is the major factor in the progress and development of the Madhya Pradesh. It is a political maturity of people of the state that 2-party system is working very successfully. Initially there were frequent changes of chief minister under BJP set up between Uma Bharati and Babulal Gaur but Mr Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan stabilized the situation so well that he won the 2nd team in the Vidhan Sabha elections very easily.

It is merit of the Chief Minister Mr Chauhan that he is sober and sincere in the political and administrative matter. He has not given catchy but meaningless slogans like “Village secretariat”, with a lofty ideal of active and full administration at village level but it proved to hollow and absured never seen anywhere in the state. Mr Digvijay Singh came up with “Zila Sarkar” with his “sarkar” the zila sarkar also vanished.

Uma Bharati came with “Jal-Jungle-Jameen” and Babulal Gaur pronounced “Gokul Gram” all proved just slogan and nothing else. But Mr Shivraj Singh Chouhan has shown positive results. The agricultural growth rate of the states is 20 percent the highest in the country. Despite disturbing natural calamities occasionally the agriculture is on sound footing with bumper crops.

The state is getting Central Government’s Krishi Karman award continusly for the 4th year. In wheat production it surpassed Uttar Pradesh than Hariyana now is on par with Punjab the top state in wheat production. Country is 60 per cent short in edible oil but the Madhya Pradesh being a “Soya State” contributing much of the soya edible oil to meet the acute shortages.

After achieving much success in agriculture the chief minister Mr Chauhan is going round the nations to invite foreign investment. He is securing “make in Madhya Pradesh” within “Make in India” of Prime Minister Mr Modi. But there is one very serious aspect of the state that crimes are on increase. Nobody is safe in his home or on road. The law and order is the first and for most duty of state and state is not upto the mark. Besides development and progress the Chief Minister must look into this aspect as his top priority.

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