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12:01 pm - Tuesday November 21, 2017

Loveshhuda movie review: It is interestingly cliched


‘Loveshuda’ has all the cliches of a romance-comedy, but what makes it interesting is its treatment. The romance that stretches a little over four years, commences before a bachelor’s party and concludes after a bachelorette party. Between these two parties is the story of an obedient boy Gaurav (Girish Kumar) who finds the love of his life, Pooja (Navneet Kaur Dhillon) after being betrothed and married to Vandana, who, his older sister, the well known wedding card designer Garima Trehan (Tisca Chopra), selects for him.

Writer-director Vaibhav Misra’s story has scenes and themes lifted from various Hollywood and Hindi films. To begin with, the foundation of this rom-com is lifted from the English film “21 and Over”, where the friends of the protagonist arrive to celebrate the significant moment of his life. They get him so drunk that it leads to cascading effects. The first half of the film is intense with the night long odyssey of Gaurav revealed in great detail, as it forms the foundation of the love story.

The screenplay is interestingly layered. And, the second half of the film starts off on a disappointing note. It only deteriorates with predictable cliches with every passing moment. Humour comes in the form of Girish’s act of debauchery in his drunken state, his poker-faced reaction and the witty dialogues which are few and far between.

The characters are half-baked and the plot is far-fetched as it relies heavily on destiny. Girish, as the hassled lover boy Gaurav, torn between his duty towards his family and his heart, is endearing. He emotes sincerely and slips into the chocolate boy role with unquestionable ease and sincerity.

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