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7:00 pm - Saturday March 25, 2017


In the world of Commerce and Industry the words like “Broker – Brokage, Commission – and Commission Agent, Managing Agency” are – the terminology of its functions.

Without it the business activities are not possible. In the modern world the words “lobby and lobbyists” are included in its system. All these activities are legitimate and essential.¬† In modern medical science every human organ and disease is a separate subject and specialization. Likewise in commerce and industry now every activity is separate with its own specialization.

The lobbying is a public relationing of business establishment. Now the massive business empires, multi-national companies and world-wide trading by imports and exports require specialized services for its promotion, marketing and management. Like contractors and representatives on individual basis the companies hire companies of public relationing. Commission or lobbying fee are not bribe on financial corruption. In advanced countries there are companies in each and every faculty of specialized service.

In Bofors guns case Mr.Win Chaddha was agent in India of Nobel Industries of Sweden, when Government of India put up a condition that it would talk to the company directly, they paid off Win Chaddha and declared it openly. It was a quite a fair trade practice of pay commission on sales.

It would have unfair  and unethical for the Nobel Industries  to ditch Win Chaddha without his pay off dues as commission. In India it was considered as bribe and financial malpractice Рwhich it was not at all.

In the present context the Walmart engaged a lobbying company to present its case in right quarters. It is very similar act like an advocate appearing for his client in a court of law.
Mrs.Neera Radia was pioneer in India to start the business of lobbying, she had respectable clients like Tata House and Ambanies and many others. As we are not accustomed to this type of business we considered her as lady of underhand dealings for bribing the ministers and bureaucrats.

Now in international spheres the trade and industry is a very complex in nature and one unit cannot carry on all the mercantile activities.
The Bhartiya Janta Party should ask itself what inspired the falling NDA Government of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to approve and sanction guarantee by the Government of India to US based Dhabhal Electric Company in a special cabinet meeting knowing well that within one or two hours his Government was to be voted out of power in the Lok Sabha.

In international dealing we have to understand other countries and people in their practices and laws.
In US there is no license of purchasing and possessing a gun. We cannot say that they are holding the unlawful weapons. The gambling is not crime in US and Europe, Las Vegas City of America is considered as gambling capital.
Now we are seems to be obsessed with the phobia of corruption which itself is a corrupt thinking. With such notions we will make ourself absurd people in the world. If we cannot trust ourselves who else?

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