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3:34 pm - Saturday January 31, 2015

Life met with ultimate success, were served well

By Our Staff Reporter
Bhopal, Sep 06
“Our lives have met with ultimate success, have been served very well, Chief Minister Shivraj has served us more than our sons. We have got two boons in this life. The first is the pilgrimage and the second that we have found a son like Shivraj Singh Chouhan and that too in the capacity of Chief Minister. We had never thought that we will be able to go on pilgrimage in our life”.

These were the sentiments expressed by pilgrims who arrived at Rameshwaram today under Mukhyamantri Teerth-Darshan Yojna.
Shri Champalal Chauhan who is 68 years old has arrived at Rameshwaram along with his wife Pushpa Chauhan from village Jeevantala of Vidisha district. He said that Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has done a pious work by sending them to pilgrimage under the scheme. Mohan Lal Dhurvey, a 68 years old senior citizen from Harda said that all the arrangements were very good. Chironji Bai, 66, has come along with her husband Motilal from Obaidullahganj in Sehore district.

She said that we have Darshan of Bhagwan due to Chief Minister. We had never thought of it. The State Government is serving us like Shravan Kumar. We are short of words in expressing gratitude. This was said by 67 years old Ratiram Mehra of Raisen and his 60 years old wife Bhagwati Bai. She said that Shivraj Singh has created history by chalking out this scheme.

Sehore district’s 55 years old Chandra Singh and his wife Dashrath Bai said that today our dream of pilgrimage has been fulfilled. We had never thought that we will ever visit a place of pilgrimage with such comfort and facilities. Munshilal, 65 years old labourer of village Jawar in the same district said that our life has met with ultimate success. We had never thought that one day we will go to Rameshwaram. He has come on pilgrimage along with his wife Gulab Bai. Dulilal, a 70 years old resident of Khilchipur in Rajgarh district said that the Chief Minister has fulfilled our long-cherished wish for pilgrimage. Chandrakala, a 60 years old resident of Rajgarh described the arrangements made during journey as very good. She said that pilgrimage journey with so many facilities has filled our hearts with happiness.
P.K. Pandey, a 64 years old retired teacher from Tikari village in Betul district said that this scheme launched by Shivraj Singh government is a boon for senior citizens.
Tulsi Bai, a 70 years old resident of Bhopal said that the Chief Minister has surpassed sons in serving senior citizens. Lalchand, a 61 years old farmer from village Shobhapur in Bhopal district was also visibly happy. He said that it seems as if the Chief Minister has brought us in Kanwda and not a train. Mangilal Soni, a 62 years old resident of village Khajuri Sadak in the same district said the Chief Minister thinks about everyone’s welfare. He has lakhs of daughters and maternal uncle of lakhs of children.

Girija Tiwari of Rajgarh district described this special train as a train of faith. He said that no other Chief Minister had chalked out such a scheme for senior citizens before.

Sudha Khare of Bhopal said that the Chief Minister has concern for all including daughters, women, students etc. and now he has chalked out such a marvelous scheme for senior citizens. We will remember him till our last breath. Our entire family is giving blessings to him.

Nanku Yadav, a 64 years old resident of Chicholi in Betul districts said that what our elders did not do and our sons could not do has been done by Shivraj.

Posted in: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

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