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2:41 pm - Thursday September 5, 2346

Leaders should accept Party decision with smile: Jaitley

arun jaitleyAgencies, New Delhi
In an apparent snub to veteran BJP  leader Jaswant Singh on the issue of denial of ticket to him  from Barmer, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jailey   today said a politician must accept the Party decision with  a smile and how he reacts to ‘no’ becomes test of his loyalty  and discipline.

Mr Jaitley in a blog post on his website said that in the election season, many political personalities wanting to become candidates, succeed in getting a party nomination but many get left out.

He said a political party is built upon the support of  millions of political workers who have sacrificed their time  and energy without ever aspiring to hold elected office.

Mr Jaitley said that what a politician does, when after a  successful political career, the party is unable to  accommodate him once, becomes test of his discipline and  loyalty.

‘’That is when his discipline and political loyalty are to  be tested,’’ he added.

Asserting that the membership of political party was a  ‘’privilege’’, he said it was also an act of self oppression  where personal views and ambitions were subjected to the  collective wisdom of the party.

Mr Jaitley said that at times, the party may flood leaders with privileges and positions while on other occasions, the leader may have to take ‘no’ for an answer to his desires.

‘’How does a politician or a leader react to such ‘no’?  He must accept the decision with a smile. This becomes a  test of his loyalty and discipline,’’ Mr Jaitley added.

The senior BJP leader who has been given a ticket from  Amritsar, said restraint and silence were always a preferred  option and over-reaction may prove be a ‘’transient storm  in a tea cup.’’

‘’Silence is always dignified and more gracious,’’ Mr Jaitley added.

Jaswant Singh who is miffed with the BJP over denial  of ticket to him to contest from his traditional Barmer  constituency, said he is no ‘’furniture’’ which can be  adjusted anywhere.

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