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11:33 am - Saturday April 21, 2018

Kulbhushan Jadhav

The Pakistan Government allowed the mother and wife of Mr.Kulbhushan Jadhav to meet him but in such a way which was totally devoid of all human considerations and established practices. They were allowed to sit infront of each other but with a glass screen in between. They could not talk directly but through intercom sound system.

The Indian diplomat Mr.JP Singh was also there but he too was made to sit behind a glass screen, but without intercom sound system. He could not talk nor could hear the conservation between Mr.Jadhav and his mother and wife.

The meeting lasted for 40 minutes. The Pakistan authorities said that it was not the last meeting. It implied that in future the Pakistan will allow them to meet again. The Pakistan admitted that it was not a consular assess and the issue is under consideration.

It is suspected that they purposely kept distance between Jadhav and family to hide that he was physically tortured and not in good conditions to bring before the family.

Earlier also in Sarabjit Singh case when India insisted to consular access to him the Pakistan authorities informed that he was killed in fighting among the prisoners in the Jail.

Mr.Jadhav was arrested by the Pakistani on March 3 in 2016 near its border with Iran on charge of espionage, on December 7 in 2016 Pakistan Foreign Affairs Advisor Mr.Sartaj Aziz admitted that there were not enough evidence against Jadhav.

Mr.Jadhav was tried by a military court and India was not allowed to provide him legal aid by way of lawyer. The military court one-sided awarded him death penalty.

India approached the International Court of Justice at the Hague against the death sentence to Mr.Jadhav. On May 10 the International Court stayed execution of Mr.Jadhav and on May 18 passed another order that Pakistan should not execute Jadhav till final verdict. The case is in hearing before the International Court for final decision.

Mr.Jadhav was a Commodor in the Indian Navy and retired in 2002 and was running his cargo business from Iran and he was kidnapped from there with a sinister motive to put pressure on India. It became clear when on September 28-29 in 2017 the Pakistan made a proposal to India to swap Jadhav for terrorist held in India.

India is seeking repeatedly the consular access to Jadhav but Pakistan is not allowing it and violating all international convention in such matters. It is Pakistan that has committed a crime in kidnapping the Indian citizen Mr.Jadhav from another country Iran.

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