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7:53 am - Tuesday March 28, 2017

Kasab Hanged

After a great trials and tribulations of four years, the Pakistani terrorist of Mumbai attacks of 26-11-2008 Ajmal Aamir Kasab was hanged till death at the Yervada prison of Pune in Maharashtra.
The President of India rejected his mercy petition on November  5 and the court issued the death warrant on November 8 and he was hanged. He and Government of Pakistan were informed of his impending death on November 12. Kasab was buried at the Yervada Jail itself.

He alongwith 10 other Pakistani terrorists came to Mumbai from Karachi by sea route. They attacked the targets Hotel Taj Mahal, Hotel Oberoi Trident, Chhatrapati Shivaji Rail Terminal, Many policemen, all terrorists were killed in the encounter and only Kasab ws captured alive. The India asking the Pakistan Government to prosecute and punish the mastermind of Mumbai attack or hand them over to it. The Pakistan is not adopting any such action with clear intention of not to proceed in the matter.

In the diplomatic circles  it is considered that the Pakistan has linked the issue with Indian national Sarabjeet Singh with the cse of Kasab. Sarabjeet  is sentenced to death in Pakistan for causing violence there. On Kashmir and other issues the Pakistan carrying on proxy war against India. Its biggest act of terrorism against India was attack on Parliament while in session during the NDA regime.

There are two power centres in Pakistan one is civilian and another of military diagonally opposed to each other. The Mumbai attack was directed from a control room at Karachi set up by the ISI of Pak Army. When the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan, Mr.Manmohan Singh and Miyan Nawaz Sharif were sincerely involved to improve the ties between the two nation through the bus diplomacy at Lahore, the Army Chief General Pervez Musharaff launched attack on Kargil heights in Ladakh region of Kashmir and ruined the Indo-Pakistan efforts for improved relations.

Many persons of pacifism as a matter of conviction and ideology plead for abolition of capital punishments but cases like that of Kasab and other heineous crime do need it. To reform a person is not a job of the Government. It is the responsibility and duty of his family. Exemplary punishment is one of the essential duty of the Government.
The government of India has done its duty in hanging of Kasab.

Founder : Late Shri Ramgopal Maheshwari

Posted in: Editorial

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