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11:15 pm - Sunday November 19, 2017

Job Squeeze

With the advent of Mr.Donald Trump as President of America the pioneer of multinational trade culture and single world market the America overnight become multinational to national and world market to national market.

The American trade, commerce, business industries became just offices and manufacturer through world-wide outsources and marketing with them brand name given to others on licenses or lease. The US worked tirelessly to create a free world market and achieved the success in getting World Trade Agreement (WTA) for free flow of good on the entire world.

Whether it is Civil Aviation Boeing and Military Aircraft, General Motors and Ford and lot other become world trade mark and suppliers upto Bill Gates Microsoft. But suddenly Mr.Trump changed the American policy to change its way of life by asking its trade to hire American only and urged the people to buy American products.

Till now people from world over were flocking into America and other developed nations for better jobs and prospectives. But American policy has infected the other nation also. Now Australia and New Zealand also declared that there would not be general entry of foreigners to seek jobs and employment here. Those who are needed by the national enterprises will come on work permits.

The America who worked out free trade has now confined to American products. It has shed away his multinational character. Now country like India has to reshape its skill development and education according to the needs for other nations. With the FDI coming into India we must ensure that capital are their but the jobs should be with the Indian people.

There is great squeeze in the job market with more nations falling online with US policy. The treaties like WTA will be redundants and out of use. There is scarcity of jobs to the growing population of America. India is fast emerging economy but it must take note of world situation. Its education, training and skill must be absorbed in the country itself.

The influx of war torn Syrian refugees has changed many concept. Almost all have the some identical question why the Syrian refugees poured in Europe and not many other Islamic countries. The Government of India should plunge right now to redraft adjust its job seeking people.

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