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3:19 pm - Thursday February 24, 3318


The annual game of Jallikattu is an issue confined to the State of Tamil Nadu, but it has come to fore at the Central Government and Supreme Court level to be decided at Delhi. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr.Panneer Selvam and Members of Parliament from the State urging the Prime Minister Mr.Naredra Modi to promulgate an immediate ordinance to lift the ban on Jellikattu.

As the issue is before the Supreme Court the Government cannot take recourse of ordinance. Now the Government of India has urged the Supreme Court to postpone its decision as the Centre and the State Government were exploring some sort of solution to this issue and the court has agreed to it.

A Mumbai based NGO the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal) secured a ban from the Central Government on Jellikattu through a notification and it is challenged in the Supreme Court and case is going on. The indications were that within few days the court would give its decision. But the pro Kattu elements fearing decision against them want it to be decided at the Government level and withdrawal of notification by virtue of ordinance lifting the Central ban and allow the Kattu to go on.

It is an Oxen fight as social event. Such animal games were and are going on all over the world from the time immemorial among animals and birds. At many places such games were abolished or banned by law. In human boxing and wrestling there are rules and regulation and referry are there. But in animal games such thing are not possible.

Invariably it ends in grave injuries to fighting animals and even death. Such things are considered as cruelty towards animals and banned in law. The Attorney General of India Mr.Soli Sorabji has given a right advice that as the case is before the Supreme Court the pro-Kattu section should appear before it and prove that in Kattu the animals were hurt and injured.

In that case it is likely the Court would quash the Government notification otherwise uphold it to continue the ban. On the plea of tradition the cruelty towards the animal can not be justified.

The barbarous “Sati” custom and dowry were also traditional for centuries and now stand abolished as a social welfare measures. What is the pleasure is making or forcing two animal to fight. Obviously it is bound to cause injures to it and it is outright cruelty. Once’s pleasure cannot be accepted as pain to others.

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