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3:21 pm - Friday March 18, 0388

Jail – Outside – Inside

Jail is a punishment awarded by the courts outside but inside the jails are rest house of circuit house on payment of bribe to secure everything on payment to jail officers up to guard level. In Bhopal jail dry fruits, stove, utensils mutton spies branded jeans and shoes were available. There is nothing new in it.

All over the country in every jail it is going on. It is in the knowledge of every one. In Bhopal the jail authorities and staff were not concerned with the fact that the SIMI inmates were enemy of the nation. Their considerations were how much they are paid by their family members or supporters. After Bhopal incident the Beur Central Jail of Patna in Bihar was searched and sim cards, memory cards and charge were found. It is stark clear such thing can reach them only by the jail staff.

Some time back a video was shown in T.V. Channel showing a jail official holding negotiations with a family member of a prisoner about the amount and facilities required. At Tihar Jail Jail of national capital Delhi on a surprise inspection the authority was told by the jail officer about a locked room that it was for the last 25 years and nobody knew what was stored in it. The suspecting officer immediately ordered to break the lock and inside it was found that a LPG cylinder was burning and muttan was being prepared and news paper of the same date was also there.

In Bhopal case the secretary of jails Mr Vinod Samval said that such an escape was not possible without inside help. In Tihar Mr Suresh Kalmadi was kept there in the commonwealth games corruption charges. He was found there sitting in a company in the chamber of jail superintendent chit-chatting over lavish refreshments. Such corruptions re not confined upto jail rather it is prevalent everywhere. The “Vyapam” was not jail but academic government institution.

The layer after layer of corruption were discovered there up to minister level. Such thing also reported from Bihar as “Tapper Scam”, in the Board examinations. In Punjab the chairman of the State Public Service Commission and Chairman of Railway Service Commission of Mumbai were involved in sale of question papers in advance as paper leak on getting bribe.

Six members of Parliament were removed from the membership on corrupt practices. Everybody know and victim of corruption on every point but no one knows how to eradicate its Vigilance and Lokayukta organization are no answer to it otherwise by now it must have been eliminated. Corruption is there all-round but no remedy is in sight.

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