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4:13 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

Investments in Railways

The Indian Railways complete total replacement of railway track and it has come to such a pass that it cannot be postponed or delayed any further. It has to be done on the criteria of here and now. The job of overhauling the railway system is a gigantic financial and execution task and require massive dose of investment and employment.

When Modi Government announced policy of Direct Foreign Investment (FDI) it was expected that foreign investment will come into railway sector but it has not come. Now the Government has decided to make all that is required investment itself to update the railway system.

India is now a fastest growing economy and perfect railway network is the basic infrastructure for it. In the coming five years the Government of India is investing 9 lakh 75 thousand crores of rupees in the railway updation. The Railways have placed orders to purchase 7 lakh tonnes new rail track to begin the track replacement.

Many trains are being cancelled, its trips shortened to have time for track replacement. Most of the train accidents and derailments are due to old track which should have been removed and replaced long back.

The meet out the acute staff shortages retired hand are being reemployed and 10 lakhs new hands will be recruited within a time frame on new jobs in the railways. The technocrats have warned if the track are overused as still going on the new rail track will also require replacement within five years.

There are so many long route trains and all stops at big stations. The mid-way stop station should be distributed among such trains. The number of stoppage should be curtailed to save time. On various commodities expiry date is mentioned. Even in Railway passenger coaches and goods wagons “return date” is mentioned for overhauling and servicing.

The expiry of the rail tracks are totally ignored at the cost of reputation of railway efficiency and public safety. The former engineer of the Indian Railway and Member of Railway Board now Governor of Tripura Mr.Tathagata Roy blamed high frequent fleet of the trains on track for accident and derailment of coaches and wagons.

In many cases Railway authorities are blamed for non-maintenance of the railway tracks, He said being railway engineer he know the Problem but people do not understand the reality.

The new trains were inducted in busy sectors without considering the optimum that bearing capacity of the tracks. Most of the rail tracks are over used because of frequent movements of the trains maintenance of the track become extremely difficult. Now instead of manual mechanized check of track are being carried out.

The practice in the Railway System is to check the track at least once in a day. But to heavy rush of trains one after another it is not possible because of paucity of time.

Now the Government has attached highest importance in the maintenance of trains and tracks. Instead of inducting new trains on different sectors as it had been common practice for many years at the past.

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