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12:05 am - Friday February 23, 2018

Indo-US Military Pact

India and United States have signed a land mark pact on military logistic sharing all over the world at their bases. The Agreement was signed at Washington by the Indian Defence Minister Mr.Manohar Parrikar and the US Defence Secretary Mr.Ashton Carter. Bilateral agreements on different fields are common feature in world politics and in international relations.

But this Indo-US pact has caused deep concern and worry in China and it is also worried for Pakistan as China has assumed the role of being its guardian. The pact is termed as LEMOA (Logistic Exchange Memorandum of Agreement). It include food, water, billeting, transportation, fuels, petroleum, clothing, communications, medical storage, training, spare parts, components, repair, maintenance, port services etc. It has a provision if US is taking any action against any country that is friendly to India, in that condition the India will not provide logistic support.

There shall be no deployment of ground troops in each other country. In Indian Ocean about three kilometer away from India the US has a naval base in Diego Garcia Island. Now Indian naval ships can use it. The China is highly worried because it will deter its ambition to treat the North and South China ea of the Pacific Ocean as its own maritime territory.

All the Pacific Nations, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia alongwith all other nations of the world are dead set against Chinese move to possess trade routes in the Pacific. Indian Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi to visit China in October to attend G-20 Summit there. Before it he will visit Vietnam and likely to offer military cooperation to it.

India is carrying out oil drilling operation in Vietnamese coast rejecting the Chinese claim of it being South China as its territory. This has created a situation of direct confrontation with China in Vietnam. India may also deploy missiles in Vietnam. The Indo-US military logistic pact will have far reaching effect on Pacific situation.

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