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2:04 am - Friday March 31, 2017

Indo-Russian accords

The visit of Russian President Mr Vladimir Putin to India on Dec 24 open and expanded new vistas in defence and in trading. From the point of new of both the nations officially it was a very successful and encouraging event. But due to mass uproars on rape in Delhi it remain clouded from public view.
Both the countries have signed 10 accords worth Rs 22,000 crores under four defence agreement it has been decided to set up a defence industry in joint sector to manufacture Sukhoi fighter war planes in India itseflf. In between the India will buy 42 Sukhoi fighter planes and 71 military purpose helicopters usable in the night operations also. Till now India is using Mig fighter planes of Russian origin. Recently India has entered in a biggest ever 121 fighter planes contract with the France.
Many decades ago India was mostly purchasing its military weapon and equipments from United States of America. But during the uprising in the East Pakistan and emergence of new nation Bangladesh the American Preisdent Mr Richard Nixon tried in vain to arms twisting with India on related matters like defence purchases. India with the sense of self respect of a independent nation dropped the America from defence deals. From that time the Russia stood with India and proved to be our most trusted and close friend. The recent visit of Mr Putin is a one more step forward in that direction. AT the Kudankulam nuclear power plant being established by the Russia the second unit will be activated in the coming year of 2013 and talks are initiated for the 3rd and 4th units. In the space programme India has decided to link with glosnos satellite communication system of the Russia.

On other matters in the 13th summit of the both the nation the India and Russia decided to operate in dealing with the Taliban menace. After a bitter experience with America the India has decided to move towards the self reliance in defence supplies and moments.
The recent development of a far superior war can nor than the Swedish Bofors the Tata has proved that the policy of India the earlier long period to keep Indian inudstry out of defence production out of defence production has harmed. The country immensely and kept it dependent in other nations senselessly. Had the home industries were allowed then would have provided not only cannon but superior war fighter planes and other armaments that we are importing. By not trusting and not giving opportunites to Indian inudstry the nation itself lost the opportunity of becoming self reliant in the vitual sector of defence.
We are still far behind in the making of warship perticularly air craft carrier novalship. We have purchased a second hand air craft carrier from United Kingdom which was written off after the second world war active. Even now we are buying de commissioned air craft carrier Gorshov after it reconstruction and renovation. We have to move on very fast to update and upgrade the Indian Navy.

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