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8:53 am - Wednesday January 24, 2018

Indo-Pacific Region

The four nations India, Japan, America and Australia have formed a Indo-Pacific Security Cooperation to ensure free and open international order in the region of Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

In view of China’s extra maritime border claim in the Pacific and setting of artificial islands to substantiate its claim the situation has taken a serious turn. International Court of Justice at the Hague has also ruled against the Chinese claims as it covers international water and free sea trade routes.

The first meeting of the 4 nation held in the capital of Philippines at the sidelines of the Asian meet. The Indian Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi is in the Philippines to attend 15th Asean Summit and 12th East Asian Summit meet.

The US President Mr.Donald Trump has also reached Philippines during his Asian tour of Japan, South Korea, China and Vietnam. The China is augmenting its presence in Indian Ocean by setting a seaport at Gwader near Karachi in Pakistan as its Naval base and trading linking it with China with road through an economic corridor.

China is also setting a sea port in Sri Lanka. It has a naval base at Dijbouti in North Africa. India is helping Vietnam in digging oil well in Vietnam’s sea coast. The China objected to it on the plea that drilling site is part of South China sea and within maritime territory of China.

India rejected it and asserted that as a part of Vietnam. Now Indo-Pacific Security Cooperation is another 4 nation International rebuff to Chinese claim in Pacific Ocean.

At Manila Mr.Modi and Mr.Trump met twice at dinner meet and later on a fixed assignment. The Pacific Ocean sea routes carry 70 per cent of world trade and many nations are located on its coast. The 4-nation cooperation aims at rule of law in the region.

The Hong Kong is Chinese autonomous region has given another jolt to China by signing free trade and investments agreement with Asean. Hong Kong was on 100 years lease with the Britain. After lease period it reverted back to China but it is an autonomous territory.

The South Korean outbursts by Ruler Kin is obviously a proxy of China. The situation in Pacific very grave on the brink of war. Under such situation the Asean and Indo-Pacific Cooperation will play a decisive role in it.

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