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4:04 am - Wednesday April 25, 2018

Indian Railway conducts first HR Round Table conference


Agencies, New Delhi

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu today said that Human Resource (HR) policy of the railways ought to be revisited as most often wrong people have been assigned with the wrong jobs.

Mr Prabhu today inaugurated the first HR Round Table Conference of the Indian Railways while senior officials including Chairman of the Railway Board AK Mittal, Staff member Pradeep Kumar and other Board Members were present on the occasion.

The Minister, in his address, said that the ‘Indian Railways is a large organisation & for every organisation of such size it was necessary to revisit the basic issues, introspect them and bring a change to be competitive, versatile & efficient,’ he said ‘a patient is the best best doctor himself as he knows the ailment best and even no doctor can understand the problem unless the patient tells,’ he added.

This initiative is focused towards providing the Indian Railway with exposure to the management practices in accordance with the current times so that the vast organisation can incorporate required measures and cover up the gap that it has been lagging behind its global competitors.

The people in the organisation need to take a decision of change,’ the technology keeps changing and unless we keep up with the changing technology different practices and environment we cannot progress’ the minister said emphasizing on the fact that the people within the organisation need to take the initiative of continuous introspection and identifying own shortcomings.

The Minister said that being a complex organisational structure the Indian Railways had multiple roles including commercial, social and welfare role and has to meet expectations of people which are unique as well as conflicting. Railway being a national transporter, is the most important strategic asset of country.

It is important for economic, social aspect which cannot be overlooked, the minister said. Mr Prabhu stressed on the fact that the Indian Railway as an organisation should constantly revisit its objective and try to cater to the needs of people and the people of the organisation must be open to new challenges for the organisation’s benefit, said the minister.

In view of the current prevailing practices in the external business environment, the minister said that by incorporating modern management practices the Railways need to clearly define the corporate goals and place the right people at right places in the organisation to make their best use. Railways as an organisation should cater to the larger corporate goals, corporate goals should cater to societal priorities, Mr Prabhu said.

The action & attention should be at Divisional level, Railway Divisions as a business unit should be a focal point of the changes, the minister added. Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Railway Board AK Mittal pointed out the high operation cost of employees in the Indian Railway which was 60 percent compared to 30 percent in other organisations.

This total operation cost was inclusive expenditure on salaries, allowances, pensions etc of the employees of the railways. ‘The need of the hour is to increase the earning so that the cost of employees will go down which will be possible only when efficiency & output of each & every employees will improve,’ the chairman added. The Indian Railways is the biggest civilian employer in the country with strength of over 13 lakh employees.

The total 13.3 lakh employees are spread over 10 departments in 17 Zones, 6 Production Units and 68 Divisions of the Indian Railways. The Indian railways was facing tough competition from road and air in terms of passengers whereas it had a monopoly back in the day.

Leading HR experts from the industry including CEO HSBC India Naina Lal Kidwai, CMD ONGC Dinesh Sarraf, AK Balyan Ex MD Petronet LNG, Yogi Sriram HR Head L&T etc participate in the conference.

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