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3:21 pm - Sunday March 18, 0987


Suu Kyi is De Facto leader and ruling personality of her country- Myanmar. She is neither President nor the Prime Minister. Her constitutional designation of her office is state counsellor and the Foreign Minister. She suffered and put up a very brave fight against military group Janta for 19 long years in house arrest. Her offence was that her party won the national election with overwhelming majority of 98 per cent of seats.

Then military rule government refused to hand over the power to the elected party and put all the elected members including Suu Kyi in Jails. Whole world was shocked and stood in her support all the long years in prison. After a long and resolute struggle the military under international pressure accepted to hold election in under a designed constitution to prevent. Suu Kyi becoming president or Prime Minister.

Then too she won the polls and as a sharp retort to military rulers got her car driver elected as President. A new office of state counsellor was created for her which in protocol is super power office, which she is holding now and she is the supreme and super leader of Miyanmar these days. She considers Delhi-India as her second home. Many years back her mother was Myanmar’s Ambassador in India and Suu Kyi studied in Delhi.

Now she is on of state visit to India. Three pacts on power, banking and insurance were signed. She met President Mr Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi. In a joint state both leaders reaffirmed of close ties. During her long struggle to restore democracy in her country India was great inspiration to her and her country. During this visit India promised all help to Myanmar in the construction and education. India imports large quantity of “Tur” pulse from Myanmar.

With this deal while India meets its domestic demand for Myanmar the India is big market for its produce. Myanmar is also victim of Pakistan inspired terror. In the last on October 9 there were terror attacks on police post in the Rangiya region. The area is populated with Rangiya Muslims and in the clashes between. Bhudhist-Muslim occurred in the areas. The Rangiya Muslims, are fleeing from there.

They are indulging in terror with active support of Pakistan. In this visit Suu Kyi said that time has come to isolate the terror itself in all the countries and eliminate it. Mr Modi said that India always stood with Myanmar shoulder to shoulder and now with Suu Kyi and democracy were restored there the ties between India and Myanmar would be much more close and stronger.

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