Kamini Kushwaha turns successful entrepreneur


Success Story (Narsinghpur)

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The Mukhya Mantri Yuva Udyami Yojana is proving to be quite helpful to the youths setting up their own enterprise in the state. Under this yojana, Smt. Kamini Kushwaha of Gotegaon in Narsinghpur district has also become a successful entrepreneur. Smt. Kamini is a Bachelor in Commerce. She wants to support her family financially. Smt. Kushwaha belongs to a family that is engaged in electric repairing work. Observing electric repairing work being done in the house, she also developed an inclination towards it. Recently the demand for CFL bulbs in the field of energy conservation has increased.After consulting her family she decided to set up a CFL bulb manufacturing unit. Looking at Smt. Kushwaha’ self-confidence, District Industries Centre, Narsinghpur got her case examined and sent Rs 15 lakh loan case to Bank of India. Today 3 watt to 18 watt CFL bulbs are being manufactured in her manufacturing unit. Till now her unit has manufactured 25 thousand CFL bulbs.Smt. Kushwaha says that her aim is to manufacture quality CFL bulbs so as to win the trust of the common man. Up to 50 watt CFL bulbs will be manufactured in her manufacturing unit. Today she is selling CFL bulbs in the markets of Jabalpur division. She is repaying the installments of the bank on time. Five persons have been employed in her manufacturing unit.

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