Demand for worshiping right in Vijay Mandir or Bija Mandal


Chronicle Reporter, Vidisha Bijamandal or Vijay Mandir which is popularly known as Vijayamandira Temple, is located in Vidisha. It is said that it was Constructed in the 11th century, this temple was destroyed in the year 1682. If we see the site, one of the pillars bears an inscription which suggests that the original temple was dedicated to Goddess Charchika. The same inscription also bears the name of King Naravarman and Goddess Vijaya, after whom the temple is believed to be named. One pillar of the temple has a devotional inscription of King Naravarman. Many sculptures collected in the neighbourhood are housed in a storehouse located nearby. The premises of the temple also contain a 7th century step-well along with two tall pillars adorned with Krishna scenes.Pt. Nandkishore Shastri ji and Pujari Mahasangh of Madhya Pradesh have demanded Right to perform Puja in the Temple. ASI office bearers said it’s a Non-Living temple which is controlled by Archaeological survey of India under ‘The ancient Monument and Archaeological and Remains Rules 1959 8(F)’.They also said because of this rule. No one can be permitted for worshipping, if someone go for worshipping, He may face punishment for this act under the rule of ancient Monument and Archaeological and Remains Rule1959.Locks can be open only when the temple is declared to Living. Zulfeqar Ali. Superintending Archaeologist., Archaeological Survey of India said “We don’t lock sites, We allow seeing, but worshipping is not permitted. Then why there is lock at Puja-Sthal ,he did not reply, simply said “we do not Lock unless there is some cause.

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