Class 4 student commits suicide


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Under Berasia police station, a nine-year-old Class-4 student committed suicide by hanging at Kararia village on Thursday. The child took this step when other children of the family were studying in the courtyard. The incident took place at about 7.30 am. The incident came to light when the child’s aunt (chachi) went to a small store room behind the house to fetch firewood. She was shocked to see the child hanging. She called other family members but the child had died by that time. Police have registered a case and launched investigations. According to the information received from the police, Surat Singh Kushwah resides at village Kararia along with the family. His elder son Aniket, 9, studied at government primary school in the village. On Thursday morning, all the children were studying in the sun. Short while later Aniket left and went into a small storeroom behind the house where wood and dung-cakes (kandas) were stored. He committed suicide by hanging from a wood pole. The child’s aunt went to the storeroom to fetch wood and saw Aniket hanging. Family members rushed when the child’s aunt raised an alarm. Aniket was brought down from the noose and taken to the hospital where the doctors declared him dead. During interrogation, child’s family members told police that he was weak in studies. He used to remain disturbed on account of studies. Whenever his guardians used to ask him to study he used to refuse. The place where Aniket hanged him is very narrow. Besides a person cannot go inside the place where dung cakes are kept. Police are considering the possibility that the child tied a rope with a wooden pole while sitting in the hut and then hung self. Police are surprised how such a small child could commit suicide. Police said the matter is being investigated. Unique case The suicide by a nine-year-old in the district is a unique case. It is inconceivable that a nine-year-old could think about hanging. No one is able to understand how this could happen. Did anyone tell him about how to commit suicide by hanging or did any accident take place with him. Family said he did not want to study. But police said a child committing suicide like this is implausible.

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