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2:36 am - Sunday February 1, 2015

GSLV launch powered by India’s own cryo engine successful

05gslvAgencies, Sriharikota
The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) today demonstrated that it had mastered the complex and challenging cryogenic technology and joined a select group of nations with the successful launch of GSLV-D5, powered by the indigenous cryogenic stage, which injected the 1982 kg GSAT-14 Communication Satellite GSAT-14 into the Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit.    Under clear skies, the GSLV-D5 blasted off from the Second Launch Pad at the SDSC Centre exactly at 1618 hrs, and after a flight duration of little over 1000 seconds, it injected the satellite into the precise orbit,  marking a significant milestone in the performance of fully indigenous cryogenic engine and stage and the GSLV programme of ISRO.

It was a moment to rejoice for ISRO as this was the first successful GSLV mission in four years after the two failures in April and December 2010, one powered by indigenous cryogenic engine and the other using the Russian  engine.

With today’s success, India became the sixth nation in the world after US, Russia, France, China and Japan in successfully mastering the cryogenic technology.

ISRO Chairman Dr K Radhakrishnan, for whom this was the first successful GSLV Mission ever since he assumed charge in 2009, said “we feel we have repaid all our debts we owed to this country.”

Addressing the Scientists from the Mission Control Centre after the successful mission, the first in four years for ISRO, Dr Radhakrishnan, who seemed to have been haunted by the back-to-back failures in 2010, said “today the team ISRO, the Project Director and all have put their heart and soul in achieving this proud moment for the country.”

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