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3:11 pm - Monday November 25, 4357

Govt issues Draft Policy for Drones operation

Agencies, New Delhi

The Ministry of Civil Aviation  announced the draft regulations for usage of drones in the country and indicated that the final policy is expected to be in place in the beginning of the new year.

Addressing a press conference here today, Civil Aviation Minister P. Ashok Gajapathi Raju said that the draft policy issued will be in public domain for a month for feedback and suggestions.

After that Ministry will give another thought on it and then the final policy for Drones will be prepared making suitable changes in Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR). He said that the Drones operation will help Indian economy as it has drone industry could help India’s development in several sectors such as agriculture and oil and gas.

Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha said that there are huge opportunities of operation of Drones with multipurpose benefits. India is among the first countries going for policy for operation of unmanned Air Vehicles (Drones). It may be that other countries will follow our policies.

We want to make India the world’s leader in the use of drones, Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha said. On the security threats from Drone operation, Civil Aviastion Minister Raju said that as on date we are focusing on the operational part only, but consulting many companies for technologies to neutralize errant Drones not following the guidelines and other prescribed rules.

On the occasion Civil Aviation Secretary RN Choubey said that security issues were discussed with the Home Ministry and the draft regulation sought to improve ‘ease of doing business’ for the drones industry while securing any concerns of misuse.

He clarified that all the operators granted permission for operation of Drones will have to follow all the rules. He said, “We will filalise flexible and progressive policy for operation of Drones and will make suitable changes as and when required as there is no standardized policy in there in any other country for it.”

As per the draft policy there will be 5 types of drones: nano, micro, mini, small and large ranges from less than 250 grams in weight to over 150 kg. Drones under 250 g (nano) won’t need security clearance. Micro category (250 g to 2 kg) will get approvals in 2 days.

Whenever you operate a drone, you will need different approval. Apart from nano drones, all other categories will need an air defence clearance so that aviation as well as security authorities are aware of the flight path.

According to the draft policy, there will be no-drone zones such as above operational aerodromes and within 5 km of Vijay Chowk in Delhi, within 500 metres from strategic locations, from mobile platforms such as car, ship or air craft, over eco-sensitive zones like national parks and wildlife sanctuaries (unless approved by Environment Ministry).

Drones less than 2 kg and operating under 200 feet of height, once registered, can be flown without nods. It can be used for photography, medical uses, ad film making and so on. E-commerce companies should be able to use drones as well. Air-rickshaws or passenger drones can also be considered under this policy.


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