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10:00 pm - Saturday March 17, 2018

Flawed Bypass endangers lives of residents

Chronicle Reporter, Indore

Absence of proper and full length service road on both sides of Bypass is forcing the residents of nearby areas to take to the heavy traffic hit main carriage way directly by breaching the road divider inviting threats to their life.

Despite the situation endangering lives of residents, the service road is yet to be built in the area for reasons unknown as officials concerned claimed to have received approval of required funds from the Union surface transport ministry.

Following efforts by then MP Sumitra Mahajan, the city got approval for constructing the Bypass way back in 1992 to keep heavy traffic at bay from its core areas.

Built at a cost of Rs 230 crore, the 37 km long Bypass was inaugurated in 2002 by then home minister Lal Krishana Advani. However, in the past 16 years several townships and colonies have cropped up on both sides of the Bypass and thus, residents are forced to face the flaws of this under-developed facility.

While travelling on the Bypass, this correspondent found more than 30 locations where road dividers were broken by public to create a passage directly to the main road. To one’s horror, residents were found stopping just on the close edge of the main carriage way before entering it.

With vehicles zooming past the lane dedicated for high speed heavy traffic, such situation poses serious threat of accident as it is always tough for a speeding vehicle to negotiate anyone appearing suddenly on their way. Though, fortunately no major accident has happened yet on the stretch, but why to keep loopholes to even invite any.

This correspondent however observed that National Highway Authority (NHAI) was rebuilding the broken dividers along the Bypass. But, the tragic irony is the dividers are made to be broken again by the public till the service road or underpass is built to facilitate their commuting.

According to political sources, Union minister Nitin Gadkari has already approved a large fund for the project with which proper service road can be easily built at both sides of the Bypass and even flyovers and underpasses at required locations. NHAI sources informed that all the works were expected to be completed in next two years.

We are carrying out the rebuilding of broken dividers on Bypass and also, placing suitable sign boards which were long-required to locate the underways
-Ravi Gupta,
 Project Director, NHAI

Posted in: Madhya Pradesh

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