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7:57 am - Tuesday March 28, 2017

Fast Track Court

In the Delhi rape case the fast track court has started functioning from January 3, 2013. In the day-to-day hearing it will pronounce judgment by February 2 next month. On the very first day the Delhi Police filed the 1000 pages charge sheet against 5 out of 6 accused for committing the Penal offences of murder, gang rape, assault, decoity, destroying the evidence and torture etc. one under age accused is under the scanner of the police and his case is being processed under Juvenile Act.

A day earlier inaugurating the Fast Track Court the Chief Justice of India Mr.Altamus Kabir lamented that despite court order to remove black films and curtains from the vehicles the order was not complied by the authorities, otherwise the ghastly crime could have been averted. It has also come to notice that Fast Track Court were functioning in Delhi sometime back but subsequently abolished. The Delhi High Court or the Supreme Court should look into it that who and why took the such decisions when there were many cases of sexual offences pending in the Court. Now the routine practice of adjournment of cases without hearing should be done away with firmly. On every such postponement reasonable reasons should be noted in the case files. There are some 40,000 cases of sexual offences are pending in all over India.

The required number of courts and judges must be created and appointed promptly. There is no justification to keep such a backlog in judicial administration when people and demurring for speedy disposal of cases.
The past President of India Mrs.Pratibha Patil has clarified that Union Home Ministry had recommended to her to condone the death sentence of five rapist and murderers to life term.

As President was under constitutional provisions to accept the advice rendered to her by the ministry. The Union Home Ministry has committed a moral offence by giving such an advice.  Now as a repentance it should now again advice the President to revoke his earlier order and restore the death penalty on the rapists. To make a beginning the condemned rape culprits be hanged till death immediately.

In such heinous offensive many public interest litigation petitions are filed with Supreme Court. There are some 36 MLA or MPs who are facing the charges of offences against women. Such members should be suspended from Legislative bodies and there cases be referred to Fast Court for early disposals.  It is a welcome move that Government is considering a CBI type separate agency to deal with offences concerning women.
There is also a possibility to name the proposed law on women safety on the name of the victim girl. There is already a law known as ‘Sharda Act’ to check the offences of child marriages. A Meheshwari Community¬† social reformer Mr.Sharda campaigned for abolition of child marriage.

In the Delhi case the police apathy towards crime has also come into the light. Now the police has booked the bus owner for plying it on false permit. But it is also revealed the same bus was challenged for 8 times for road rule violations, why the police has not booked the bus owner earlier also for such violence.

Founder : Late Shri Ramgopal Maheshwari

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