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9:34 am - Sunday March 18, 2018

Farmers prosper with Horticulture Crops


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal

In order to double the income, farmers are being encouraged in Madhya Pradesh to grow horticulture crops along with the traditional crops. Several farmers of the state became economically sound due to the horticulture crops.

Jhabua- The farmer Khim singh of village Chhayan Semankhedi of Ranapur block of the district grew chilies on his agriculture field and irrigated it with the help of the drip irrigation system when he heard about the good profit from the horticulture crops. He earned an additional income of Rs. 50 thousand from the chilies crop in comparison of Rs. 10 to 15 thousand which he used to earn annually from the traditional crops.

He used drip irrigation and mulching in the field with the cooperation of horticulture department. Today, he is growing sponge gourd, brinjals and ladyfingers. Shri Lallu Singh of village Nougawan – Meghnagar block has also grown horticulture crop on his farm. He has received a subsidy of Rs. 50 thousand from the horticulture department.He is also using drip irrigation system on his farm. He earned a good income last year from the crop of onion, chilies, cauliflower, brinjal, tomatoes and garlic.

Singruali- Dhirendra Singh, the farmer of village, Amlori grew horticulture crop as advised by the horticulture department, he saved 60 to 70 percent water due to the drip irrigation technique. Plastic mulching helped him in controlling weeds. Other farmers have also decided to grow horticulture crops after seeing the horticulture crop on Dhirendra Singh’s farm.

Rajgarh-Dinesh Kumar Nagar of village Pipalyadev of Sarangpur tahsil says that he was growing traditional crops on his 1.75 hectare agriculture land. He was hardly able to save anything after the deduction of all the expenses.

As advised by the officers of the horticulture department, he started growing oranges on 3.75 bigha land and he also planted papaya plants in the spaces between the oranges plants. He earned a good profit and installed a poly-house on 2 thousand square feet area with the profit under the Sankar sabzi vistaar yojana of the horticulture department. He started growing chilies, tomatoes and other vegetables in the poly house.

‘Today, he is known as a progressive farmer in the area. Dinesh who used to earn just Rs. One lakh from the farming is now earning Rs. 4 to 5 lakh annually. A 52 year old farmer, Shankarlal of Khlichipur block, of the same district is growing horticulture crops like coriander, oranges and onion since the last many years. He was not able to get fair prices for his crops due to inadequate knowledge of new techniques.

After applying the new techniques which were informed by the department, there was an increase in the yield. Shankarlal has constructed a onion ware house of 25 metric tonne capacity with the help of the horticulture department and has received a subsidy of about Rs. 88,000 for the onion ware house. He had grown onion on half hectare land and produced about 110 quintal onion.

He sold only ten quintal onion and stored the remaining onion in the ware house as the prices of onion declined due to excessive arrival in the market. When the prices raised and became Rs. 20 to 25 per kg., he sold the remaining onion at a good price. He earned a profit of Rs. 1,50,000. He says that farmers should come forward to construct ware houses to get fair prices of their produce.

Bhopal – A farmer Kamal Singh KUshwaha of village Kalra, block Berasia started growing potatoes by adopting new techniques of horticulture crops. He planted saplings at a distance of 20-25 centimeter and in rows at a distance of 40 to 60 centimeter. This helped him in receiving 55-60 quintal potatoes in half acre land in comparison to 40-45 quintal in the past. Kamal Singh is in contact with the department for other horticulture crops.

Katni – Luv Kumar Jyotishi of village Murwari, block Dheemarkheda has prospered with the bumper production of horticulture crops. During the last two years Luv Kumar is growing horticulture crops on his two hectare field under the guidance of the officers of horticulture department.

An income of Rs. 2.50 lakh is being earned annually by Luv Kumar. He has received a tractor with Rotavator in the form of subsidy from the horticulture department. He has now planned to produce vegetables on his entire two hectare land. Luv Kumar informs that Rotavator will crush soil in small and fine pieces. The tractor with Rotovator will also work to level the ground and will help in maintaining moisture in the fields for 8-10 days.

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