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9:46 pm - Thursday March 23, 2017

Drugs and Terrorism

Terrorism is just a façade of all the terrorists organization world over to carry out trafickering in drugs and illegal arms trade. Recently a big haul of heroin worths 25 crores  of rupees was seized by the Indian authorities from the Samjhauta Express coming from Pakistan to Attari Border.

Afghanistan is the largest  producer of opium and of high quality. It is established fact that so far Afghanistan is an opium economy. The Taliban organization Al Quida used it as weapon against nations hostile towards it. With US pressure in Afghanistan the Talibans are stationed in Pakistan. They along with Pak terrorists outfits like LoT, Jamait and Hurriat are funding the terrorism in India by drug trade. The recent catch proved that such nefarious activities against India are going on and we must be on guard.

The US on such occasion go very strict in taking action. Once it got the Panamian Dictator Mannal Noreiga ousted and arrested him on the charge of pushing cocaine and other drugs into the America. He was kept in US person and tried there.

Few years back Indian Navy intercepted a ship in Bay of Bengal near Andaman-Nicobar waters carrying shipload of smuggled weapon from Singapore to LTTE terrorist. On being caught they blasted the ship to sink it. Even the sea piracy off the Somalia and Yeman coasts in the Arabian Sea and in the straits of Mallca near Malaysia are drug oriented organized acts of drug mafia. The Naxals in India are also carrying on drug trade as their real business operation in the garb of welfare of tribals.

Al the affected nations including India should adopt the established practice of warfare to first cut the supply lines and supply sides of the enemy. We adopted this dictum very successfully and effectively in the Kargil war against Pakistan. It devasted the Pakistan on icey heights.
The supply lines and sides of terrorists funding and arms supplies must be snapped to be followed by resolute police or military action against them for total elimination. The President of Sri Lanka Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe has set a trend as to how to win over terrorist outfits.
We must be more vigilant on North-Western Borders with Pakistan.


Founder : Late Shri Ramgopal Maheshwari

Posted in: Editorial

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