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4:24 am - Tuesday November 21, 2017

Donald Trump

Mr.Donald Trump is elected 45th President of United State of America by securing 53-54 per cent over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Now the Republican back on power after the George Bush. President Barak Obama created the history by becoming first Black President of African origin.

But Hillary Clinton failed to become first women President of the US. Mr.Donald Trump has definitely created a record by becoming first US President who never had been in the political field. He is the first non-political President of America. In the election campaign it was a major attack on him for being no entity in politics and fit for Presidency.

It was considered that Hillary would have easy victory over him. But he entered the poll fray with a bang over Mexico and Muslim and become serious contender overnight. Just as India is facing the problem of illegal infiltration from Pakistan because of common land border and access through sea also.

In US is facing same the illegal influx of drug pushers and criminals from Mexico on south of it because of common land border and access by sea also. He declared if elected he would erect a wall between the two nation like China wall or Berlin wall to check illegal entry of Mexican criminals.

After Islamic terrorist air attack on New York World Trade Centre the American are very sore and bitter towards Muslims and Islam. Mr.Trump referring this sensitive issue declared that he would not allow Muslim immigrants to come and settle in America. The Mexico and Muslim issue really appealed to American people as an assurance to their safety and civilized way of life.

These two points really proved as trump card of Mr.Triump to win the US Presidency. The loser Hillary Clinton conceding the victory to Mr.Trump phoned him to convey congratulations. The President of India Mr.Pranab Mukherjee and the Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi have extended greetings to Mr.Trump over his victory. As a leading Business tycoon he inspires confidence when he declared that he has a great economic plan to double the American economy.

He is the owner of Multinational companies all over the world. He said he would deal with other nations on the basis of common ground. He is very strict against uncivilized terrorism among nations. There are signs and indications that he would come more closure to India on the fight against terrorism. The American has experimented in a non political President for the first and the US and the world watching him keenly.

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