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6:56 pm - Saturday March 25, 2017

Delhi Police in dock

The Delhi High Court has placed the Delhi Police in the dock over its evasive status report on the Delhi Rape Case. They thrashed the report for not providing the names of the police personals deployed in the three police PCR Vans positioned on the route.  The crime bus moved non-stop for 40 minutes without any police action. The Chief Justice Mr.D.Murugan and Justice Mr.VR Jain charged the report as an effort to save the officials on duty there.

The tormented friend of the victimized girl narrated their horrible sufferings in the bus and after they were thrown out of it. The most dispisable apathy of the passers by is not offering any help and delayed arrival and action by the PCR Vans. The Police rejected the narration of the girl’s friend and claimed that the PCR vans reached quickly and provided prompt help.

The question arises if the police acted in a fit manner then why the Governor of Delhi Mr.Tejinder Khanna in his first review of the situation with the Delhi Police Commissioner and other high police and civil officials took the decision to suspend it a ACP Traffic and 2 other policemen for the dereliction duties. The DCP was part of the decision.

Now the Delhi High Court Judges wanted to know why the ACP alone was suspended. Is he the only person responsible for the grave lapses. They asked why no action was taken against the DCP Mr.Neeraj Kumar, who is chief of Police in Delhi. The police is directly under the Governor and not under the State Ministry and Government.

For such a gross lapse that the roads of the Delhi are not safe even the Governor Mr.Khanna should be asked to step down or removed.
The Delhi Police is also guilty for not removing black films and glasses from the vehicles despite the Supreme Court orders. The CJI Mr.Altamas Kabir lamented this action could have averted the mishap.
The High Court asked the Delhi Police the names of police personals in three PCR vans plying on those routes on which the crime bus roamed for 40 minutes. The court pulled the police for not revealing the names to save them.

The Delhi Police inadvertently abated the ghastly crimes with its inefficiency. The Delhi Police Commissioner must own the entire responsibility and he should be removed from the Indian Police Service.

Founder : Late Shri Ramgopal Maheshwari

Posted in: Editorial

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