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6:39 pm - Tuesday February 20, 2018

CM Ends Fast

The Kisan Agitation covering many states Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh now being to taken on to Delhi to agitate before the Prime Minister at Jantar Mantar.

The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Mr.Shivraj Singh Chouhan on fast against violence in state during the movement ended his two day fast by taking coconut water from the ex-Chief Minister Mr.Kailash Joshi.

Even the family members of those who were killed in Mandsaur police firing urged to him to end fast. The curfew is also lifted from the Mandsaur and violence on other parts of the state has subsided.

Peasants and party leaders urged the Chief Minister the objective of his fast to restore peace in the state has been achieved and he should terminate the fast to give more soothing touch to the situation.

In the state this year in the earlier days the government did not come forward to procure the pulses of Tuar and Urad varieties and the job assigned to license traders who paid less than the minimum support price. Now to meet the demand of Kisan Mr.Chouhan has announced that state would procure the pulses at Government centres on minimum support price, the recommendation of the Swaminath Committee would be implemented.

There shall be Kisan Bazar in all the urban area of the state where consumers could buy vegetables directly from the grower kisan. To eliminate the middlemen the state has reduced their commission (Adat) from 8 to 2 per cent, to purchase the kisan commodity below the minimum support price would be punishable offence, the Amul formula on the milk purchase will be implemented.

There will be village knowledge centre to inform about the crop and vegetable condition in advance so that they may not get themselves involved in situation of over production of potato, onion, garlic and tomatoes. Whenever there is high prices of these commodities the Kisan go for its cultivation in big way resulting in our production that caused total losses to the Kisan community, no acquisition of kisan land without their consent.

The Kisan will get copy of ‘Khasra’ every year delivered at their homes. The Chief Minister reminded the Kisans that his BJP Government has achieved highest agricultural growth rate the 22 per cent in the country and the food production has gone up by 4-5 per cent.

Now there are irrigation 40 lakh hectares of land in the state. Mr.Chouhan himself a farmers asserted that there is no question of his government even think of anything against the interest of farmers. The over production in food grains is no problem as it is storable and transported whole years but vegetables are perishable within few days. Only potato, onion and garlic can be stored for long time.

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