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6:03 am - Sunday March 1, 2015

Central govt should sanction immediate special package for affected farmers

040314n14Staff Reporter, Bhopal
Chief Minister  Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that Central government should sanction immediate special package for relief to affected farmers and send study team by March 6 to assess crop loss in the state. CM  Chouhan was addressing affected farmers after inspecting hailstorm-affected crops in villages in Seoni district today. Farmers Welfare and Agriculutre Development Minister  Gaurishankar Bisen was also present on the occasion.

The Chief Minister said that hailstorm has shaken farmers. Major calamity has hit farmers’ families by damage to crops. He informed farmers that state government will leave no stone unturned in providing them relief. He said that government is giving top priority to relief to farmers and it will be distributed to them liberally.

The Chief Minister informed that before coming to hailstorm-affected village Kandipar, he has provisioned Rs. 2000 core in vote on account so that immediate relief can be given to farmers. He informed that provision has been made to give ex-gratia of Rs. 1.50 lakh on death of a person, Rs. 16 thousand 500 on loss of cow-bullock, Rs. 40 on poultry, Rs. 1650 on goat while compensation will also be given to villagers against damage to roof tiles and potters on damage to pottery.

The Chief Minister has also demanded from the Centre that Madhya Pradesh should be accorded status of the state producing good Basmati.  Chouhan said that the Central government is discriminating against Madhya Pradesh in this regard. Farmers are not getting proper price for gram since Central government imposed export fee on it and is not abolishing duty on dram imports. He urged the Central government to ensure procurement of gram from farmers on support price.

The Chief Minister visited village Kandipar in Seoni district to inspect damaged crop of tribal farmer Ram Bharose. His entire crop has been affected.  Chouhan assured Ram Bharose that government will provide full compensation against his damaged crop.

CM inspects hailstorm-affected areas of Narsinghpur district
Chief Minister  Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that farmers should not lose heart and keep their morale high in this hour of crisis. State government will provide every possible assistance apart form full compensation.  Chouhan visited hailstorm-affected areas of Narsinghpur district today. Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Development Minister  Gaurishankar Bisen accompanied the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister urged farmers to cooperate with government to overcome this calamity and do not lose courage. He advised them not to take any extreme step driven by emotions that might throw their families in deep crisis.  Chouhan assured farmers that compensation against every single grain destroyed by the calamity will be given to them. For this, he will make every effort at state and Central level and wage fight in favour of farmers.

Addressing farmers after inspecting villages Chhota and Baglai Mauza in Gadarwara tahsil of Narsinghpur district, the Chief Minister said that state government has directed that every field should be surveyed and every farmer is given compensation.

Chouhan said that recoveries from affected farmers have been suspended. Collectors have been directed to keep watch on moneylenders and take strict action if a case of forcible recovery comes to the fore. Farmers’ over 50 percent loss will be considered as 100 percent loss and they will be provided compensation at the rate of Rs. 15 thousand per hectare.

Assistance of Rs. 25 thousand each will be given for marriage of such farmers’ daughters. State government will also provide relief on 25 percent to 50 percent loss. The state government will also pay interest on loans availed by farmers. He said that government will provide assistance to farmers in 2 phases. In the first phase, cash amounts will be provided and in the second phase, benefit of crop insurance scheme will be provided to them. He informed that half premium of crop insurance scheme will be paid by the state government.

Online facility for donations to CM’s Assistance Fund
Now online assistance can be donated to CM’s Assistance Fund (Farmers Relief) through website of MP Online. Even over Rs. 10 thousand donation can be given online or by depositing the same at MP Online’s kiosk.

A receipt will be generated soon after deposit of money. Donated money is income tax-free. Chief Minister  Shivraj Singh Chouhan was apprised of it by Secretary Information Technology  Hari Ranjan Rao here today.
Meanwhile, Chief Minister  Chouhan was presented a cheque of Rs. 5 thousand towards CM’s Farmer Relief Fund by Dainik Kshitij Kiran’s editor  K.K. Saxena and Smt. Bhavna Saxena.

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